Sunday, November 22, 2015

DAYS OF THE DEAD Horror Con Recap

Well folks, I beat Snowmageddon and made to Chicago and back for the DAYS OF THE DEAD horror con. This was my first horror show and I gotta say man, it was a fucking blast! I saw none of the stresses and strains I feel at regular comic shows and I am seriously going to do some of these shows in the future. So I am gonna move around some of my projects to accomodate. Starslam still comes first but then I'm gonna get a couple of these out the door and then resume work on Pleasant Life 2. You'll see. Its gonna be great! But anyway, I wanted to share with you some pics I took over the weekend...

A booth there had some original props from various flicks. All screen used! Here's a ceremonial dress from the 1980 CONAN flick!

Here's a screen used TREMORS "Graboid" prop head.

Some various blasters and Ewok fur from the original STAR WARS films.

I finally met bassist Sean Yseult, most famously from WHITE ZOMBIE. Took me 20 years to track her down, but I finally did. Her and her people were awesome to me.

After that, I decided to meet ACE FREHLEY. Only got the autograph, no picture. Nice dude.

We drank ALL day. So after a long scary drive in the snow and a con, you need some Chicago style pizza!

There was a DJ party Saturday night and it was some fun!

Here's a look at my loot from the show. Tons of autographs, stage used picks, bootleg horror dvds and comics. Hellz yeah!
All in all, a great show, great time and great people. I plan to do a lot more horror focused conventions in the future.

Cheers, T

Saturday, November 21, 2015

Christmas and other such slappiness

Hey friends! Thought I would do a nice catch up blog. Let you know how things are going.

First off, progress on projects is rolling. Pages of Starslam 2 are getting colored. I got a couple commissions I am working on too which slows the process, but I appreciate the extra scratch for the holidays. My books are up on Kindle now and I am working on other avenues. I got offered my first con appearance for 2016, so I signed the paperwork and once I am on their website and all official, I'll tell you folks where it will be. But things are starting to gear up for the next year. If the snow cooperates this weekend, I'll be checking out my first horror convention and seeing the vibe and if I could make an impact there. I'm also looking at what small press show in 2016 I could do. I've never been to some of the bigger ones like SPACE, MOOCCA or SPX or the Toronto one. I'm talking with my oldest son to maybe go out to Seattle next year for PAX WEST. Just as a fan, not a set up. I'm not a video game guy at all. But I've always wanted to visit Seattle and I owe him a big trip. Building memories. You can't put a price on that.

Speaking of such things, its the weekend before Thanksgiving. I'm smack dab in the middle of my favorite time of year. I love Halloween, Thanksgiving and Christmas. Many who know me know I was raised a Jehovah's Witness during the time I was 9-16 years old. I missed out on a lot of stuff about holidays. Plus December has been a bummer of a month at various points in my past. Several key incidents happened during that month that just make it very difficult to feel "jolly" like others do. But something about the Christmas season makes me feel all warm and fuzzy and I am determined to make NEW memories and help wash away the old ones that linger. I'm here to celebrate and enjoy this time. And I am trying to make a bigger effort to do so. I'm finding that I'm not as jaded about it as I used to be. In fact, last night I went to the lighting of the tree ceremony here in downtown Lansing:

Here we are in the cold. Doctor Who scarf represent!

After the tree is lit, fireworks go off over the capital. Who doesn't like fireworks?
I've already insisted that we buy a new christmas tree and decorations. I already have, just waiting to put it up after Thanksgiving. I've already started buying Xmas presents for my girl and the kids. I gave my girl my list. Its not much but old NES games. I don't really care about presents. I care the most about just making new memories. Making a new standard in the holidays. I already celebrated Halloween more this year than previous. I actually got in a small costume and went to a party and had a party of my own here with dear friends, drinking and enjoying life. Thanksgiving I get my boys and I get to cook a huge turkey, potatoes, green beans, biscuits and chicken dumplings. Gloria's Chicken and Dumplings. I get to think about her too this holiday. I miss her greatly.

My dad came to visit last week and it was great to see him. He's getting along fine despite everything that has happened to him this year. He's staying busy and started dedicating his life back to the church. Yeah, the Jehovah's Witnesses. They are tearing down the old Pontiac Silverdome, where I spent four days of my summers sitting there for 10 hours a day listening to church sermons. Its all broken up and haggard. Coming down for good. I've told people about what it was like growing up in that religion and its nutty. But you gotta let people believe their beliefs. If it gives something to them and doesn't hurt anyone else, why let it bother you? So it goes. But growing up in that religion did some damage to me. But I look to erase that damage every year around the holidays.

The best part now is that I get to relive it through my kids now. I get to see their excitement and joy around this time. And when a stranger says "Merry Christmas" to me, I don't argue what PC version they should say to me instead. I just take in that joy. Sometimes fake joy, but I'll take it. Cause its better than the nothing I know we all are capable of.

I don't mind Christmas music either. In fact, I enjoy it. My coworker will stream Christmas music and it really puts me in a good mood. Everyone else wants it to turn off but I'm like, turn that shit up! Cause life is a ride and a celebration. Enjoy it. Cause being a scrooge or looking in the window at the people having a good time as you are out in the cold alone, sucks. Trust me, I know.

WHAT A GREAT TIME TO BE ALIVE!!! Not only do I get a shit ton of turkey and dumplings with my boys next week, but I get a new Rocky movie in CREED. We got a new Star Wars movie, less than a month away! Kurt Cobain had some demos and hidden songs released. new Ghostbusters toys are on their way. Its just a great fucking time to be here. All I got is smiles ear to ear. I'm in love with life right now. Much better than I was a year ago.

I'm celebrating life and all its little gifts. And despite what some fucking asshole group wants to scare us into feeling... all the way down to someone's snarky behavior of "Bah Humbug" around this time... We still have it in us to create joy and love in each corner of our tiny little world. It snuffs out the darkness and puts those who do us harm to justice. No terrorist group can take that down. We are HOPE. And hope is undefeated. As the great Stanley Kubrick said: "However vast the darkness, we must supply our own light." Not just for others... must most importantly, for ourselves. Make your soul rich, folks. Its a great way to be.

Peace and Love, ADAM T.

Tuesday, November 17, 2015


Hey friends. Just a note that you can now get my 84 page comic: ANNA POCALYPSE and my 476 page comic PLEASANT LIFE on Amazon Kindle! Check out the link HERE to order. At that same link are a few other books I didn't write, but provided the art for. Perfect for the Adam completest! I appreciate it. I'm working on Ibooks next. STARSLAM unfortunately will not make it to kindle, being that its an adults only book. We'll have to find some other way to go.

Just a few quick notes: I left Twitter. Just seems redundant to me and I am enjoying less noise in my life. Account is deactivated and should be gone soon.

I will not be having a commission holiday sale like I always do around Thanksgiving. Instead I am focusing my efforts on coloring Starslam and other projects. However, I still do take commissions at my normal rate. Check HERE for details and rates.

Snow is heading my way this weekend, which might put the kabosh on my trip to Chicago for Days of the Dead con. I'll wait til Thursday to make the final decision but its not looking good. A bummer, but living is a good idea. Mother nature is an orgy whore.

Hope you guys have a safe week!

Cheers, T

Saturday, November 07, 2015

Update on Daily Life

Hey friends. I've been working lots of hours at my dayjob and after that, coming home to color on Starslam 2 and other things. So things are going well. But I have taken some time enjoy some new media. Around Halloween we watched a few different horror movies like The Conjuring and The Babadook. My co-workers have loaned me some awesome 70-80s flicks like Raw Force and Miami Connection. Seems like I found some like minded folks who like horrible cinema like I do. And of course, there are some great new things coming. For example:

Ash Vs. Evil Dead has started on STARZ channel. After watching the first episode I can easily say that its quite awesome. It gives you everything that you want in a TV sequel from the great trilogy. Its great to see Bruce back in action again. Give it a watch! I hope that all 10 episodes are as awesome as the pilot. It looked like Sam Rami really had some fun making it. So rest assured EVIL DEAD fans, you will not be disappointed! I wasn't. 

Coming up soon is the PREACHER Tv Series. Its no secret that PREACHER is my favorite comic series of all time. I know the TV show will be going in a different direction mostly, and I am completely fine with that. I get to re-enjoy the ride from a different angle. I look forward to it.

I haven't checked out any new WALKING DEAD or DOCTOR WHO yet, as we don't have cable here. But I will catch up. But I have watched a few new SOUTH PARK's on HULU and its a quite enjoyable season so far.

And a few people have messaged me asking my opinion on the announcement of a new TREK series coming in 2017. To be honest, an announcement doesn't excite me. Actual footage and seeing what they do would excite me. The show I would want is already existing... the fan fictions carrying on the adventures of Kirk and Spock using old 1960's style sets. Anything they make now would likely take place in the new alternate JJ Abrams universe. And its just not what excites me. But I will check it out when it comes. But so far, its just an announcement. Its just verbally jerking off. Give me a good series and then we'll see.

But what isn't jerking off is STAR WARS THE FORCE AWAKENS. Everything I've read and seen looks real good. I can't wait to see it! And a new James Bond flick...

....its just a good time to be a fan isn't it?

Now go forth and enjoy the new media we've all been waiting for! And coming soon, you'll get some new media from me!!! ;)

---ADAM T.

p.s. Keep your eyes peeled here around Thanksgiving. I got something BIG happening around black friday/cyber monday. Something I shoulda done a long time ago. And its not just an announcement.... ;)

Sunday, November 01, 2015

Halloween Weekend - Monster Bash Recap

Hello my ghosts and goblins! I hope your weekend was fun of epic spooky fun! I had quite the weekend myself and I thought I'd make ya a nice recap. Here we go:

Here I am set up at MONSTER BASH 2015. I always look good in fake glasses for some reason. At least, Anna Pocalypse thinks so!

On Friday after work I set up at the Monster Bash 2015 party. We watched Night of the Living Dead and parts of Nosferatu. We had tons of booze, tacos and spooky fun! It was great to hang out with some new friends and just chill and celebrate with some costumes! 

Misty rocked a VELMA from Scooby Doo!

"Where's the killer? I think I need a clue!"

My costume ended up being a sort of LEATHERFACE inspired murder guy. Best I could do at the last minute. Still, I had some fun. The fake blood I sprayed on my shirt the night before dried and ended up looking pink! Yuck.
We left around 11ish and got home and drank some more. Pre-game for Halloween I say!

Saturday morning, Misty treated me to some breakfast at this place called the Soup Spoon in Downtown Lansing. I love a good breakfast! 

Green Pepper, Sausage & Onion Omelet! Hellz yeah!

Outside the Soup Spoon is a graffiti wall you can chalk on. The first line is a misty joint. Mine is on line three. Sorry about that... HA!
I didn't take any pictures of the night but Saturday night we had a big Halloween bash of our own at my house. A few of my close friends came by and we drank and watched Rocky Horror and Fright Night while tossing down some CARDS AGAINST HUMANITY. I got severely, severely drunk. I don't remember going to bed. All in all, a good night!

Sunday, I nursed a mother of a hangover. But I got my kids and enjoyed their company!

Immediately, the boys raid our candy pumpkin.

For Halloween, Scotty rocked a STORMTROOPER and James was SCOOBY DOO! Man have kid's costumes come a long way from when I was a kid!
 Overall, a great weekend! One I surely needed. With Monsterbash over, that concludes my 2015 convention/public appearances. I thank everyone who had me out and also checked out my shit throughout those times. I will be hitting the road next year, albiet in a few NEW places. Details to come later on that.

2016 will bring many new things in Adam-World. A new STARSLAM. PLEASANT LIFE. a few new comic surprises and even this...

I was in contact with Shane this week about my continued interest in doing another IDIOTHEAD album. And we've got a potential cover and concept. Once my plate is cleared after the winter, I am gonna be itching to do some recording. Looking forward to it, and all that 2016 has to bring in my world. Finally, the world is gonna see what I've been working on! You're warned!

Much love, T

Sunday, October 25, 2015


Hello my droogies!

I wanted to give you an update on the progress of STARSLAM 2! So far I have 135 pages pencilled, inked and in the can, with about 10-12 more pages of art to do and its done! I've also got a bunch of pinup images that will go in the back of the book. Its really gonna be a monster of a sequel! But I only have about 15 pages of that fully colored so the post production is taking a bit longer than I had hoped it would. I had a self imposed deadline of October to get it all in the can, but life had some other plans for me.

Progress is gaining but I don't want to rush it. I want this sequel to be the best it can be so I decided to push my deadline up a bit. Because if I launched the kickstarter for it now, you wouldn't get the books or the PDF at the end of the KS campaign like I wanted it to happen. So I am thinking December/January-ish. Possibly even February, so that we're not all feeling that post-holiday burn on finances. I intended it to be a nice holiday present, but I want the books production to have some breathing room to get it done and not rushed. So I hope that is okay with everyone and you can still look forward to more STARSLAM in early 2016.

Believe me, this book will be well worth the wait! Its obviously a bigger page count. More sex scenes, new characters, tons of slam-bang action and tons of extras. Im also looking to make the KS campaign the best it can be and offer some great rewards such as actual pages, get drawn into Starslam 3 (Of course there will be a 3!) and much more. So I say save your pennies after the holidays so that we can make this next book a bigger event than the first one.

The first KS campaign exceeded my wildest expectations and we pre-sold a lot of books. They went all over the world and I wouldn't have done it without your support. I'd say about 90% of the people who got the book I have never met and I thank you for your trust. And I want to do right by you. So much so that after this KS ends, I want you to have your books ready to read when the clock strikes 12. I owe you that much.

So: The book is coming but we're gonna do it the right way. And its gonna be worth it. I'm sharing some preview pics from the book here to wet your appetites. Believe me, Its gonna be worth the wait! As always, keep up with me at and see more preview pics and info as it comes. But for now, here's these!

Thanks! ADAM T.

Here's our girl with a little bit of a costume update!

We meet our first new character: BEAR GIRL!

Ut oh! This can't be good....

We're introduced to another new character! Boy does she have a story to tell!

Our main villian sprays our girls with some... well... you'll find out!

Man Superior goes on his own unique journey!

Bear Girl springs into action!

All the gang is back. And this time, the challenge is bigger!

Lots of superhero fighting going on!

Everyone is in on the action!

Tuesday, October 20, 2015

STAR WARS and some other stuff

Hey my friends!~

By now the world is freaking balls about the new STAR WARS trailer. I know I am. (BTW, you can see it HERE. I see all my friends my age all having very strong reactions to it. For decades we've dreamed up the post-Jedi lives of Luke, Han, Leia... now we're gonna get a definitive screen version. Cool thing too is we have book and comic versions. Its like, pick your own story choice. Same with TREK. How Kirk died in the flicks but was resurrected in the books? Yeah, its just a good time to be a geek. I haven't bought any tickets yet, but I will at some point.

As a person who has the privilege to work on Star Wars card art for TOPPS, I get very excited at the possibility of drawing new characters or old characters with new looks and costumes. The force will indeed be strong with all of us. I cannot wait to see how it call unfolds. Its nice to be a very tiny part of it.

I gathered my thoughts from the events of this past weekend at Grand Rapids Con and I am looking into 2016 to see how I can make the most impact with my work. Streamlining things will be a major key. I will put a lot of feelers out and see what the possibilities are. I do want to try an erotica show, a horror show and a small press focused show. Just to see where the next step would be for me. Comic shows are great but too broad for me to make the impact I would like to make at it. So while I continue to carve out my corner of the nerd world, I intend to reach out to more sources to make new friends and fans of my stuff. So expect some new appearances along with some old ones from me next year.

I'm working hard to get STARSLAM 2 done in time for printing. It will not be done in time for the Kickstarter launch next week but its coming along. We will be shooting a video this week and getting it all set up to launch. The end is almost here! STARSLAM 2 is coming, finally! Hey, I'm not fucking around over here! (Just drawing people doing that!)

My thoughts are growing in anticipation to get to work on Pleasant Life 2 again. There are still a few things to flesh out as far as minor scenes here and there, but the meat of the piece is all in the script and first 40 pages I have drawn for it. It feels good to hang with the gang again.

Well, I got a long day of work staring at me. I best be getting ready to head in. Thanks for checking back!

Cheers, T