Wednesday, February 03, 2016

Various Brain Droppings...

Hello my friends. I've spent the last few days sick. I never get sick, but somehow I caught it. And I must have got it from work because a couple others in my department are sick as well. I felt well enough to go in Monday but Tuesday I woke up feeling like absolute crap. I even went to the doctor! (Now you KNOW I was sick!!!) I got some meds and they recommended a day of rest. I kept fighting it because I didn't want to lose the OT pay and a personal day plus a bonus for great attendance. But in the end, I had to do it. First time calling in sick to a proper job in 10 years. I hated it. But it turned out to be a good decision. I was sneezing, coughing and pouring from my nose and eyes all day when I got home. But I took my meds and laid down like a good boy.

I felt somewhat okay mid-day after a long nap and I worked on editing my porn store tell all book. I then shot it to my new editor friend for a look over. She'll check out a few chapters at a time and make sure I'm doing okay. Great to have another opinion! Meanwhile I'll continue with it.

But after editing for a while, I started getting worse again, so I laid back down. I watched the Beatles MAGICAL MYSTERY TOUR Bluray which I bought a while ago and haven't sat and watched yet. I gotta say, it was not good. Not at all. Save for the "I Am The Walrus" part and a stripper at the end, the rest of it is nonsensical. I watched the extras and it still isn't worthy of keeping. So in a TO SELL pile it goes. Bummer.

I also watched the making of 2112/Moving Pictures RUSH Bluray, which is a go-to documentary for me. I love those Classic Album docs where they bring in the members of the band and they play the tracks live and talk about how the songs came together.

Speaking of music, this week I got to pick up my bass I bought back in January, which I've named, LEMMY.

Here he is at home. All glory to LEMMY!
I fiddled around with it a bit yesterday but nothing serious. Its slowly all coming back to me. I'm excited to get writing on some more bass driven songs in the future.

The next couple months are going to be busy ones. OT will remain at work for a bit and I will strive to save big. Each weekend I either have my kids overnight Sat-Sunday or something planned, like a comic show or something. Next week (weather permitting) I have to drive to Illinois to visit my dad and get a minor car repair done in the process. Then I am taking a day to hit Ann Arbor for the first time. There are comic and record shops there I've always wanted to visit and now I'm going to take the time to do it. I've lived in Michigan all my life and have never been there. Shame on me. Looking forward to it.

Yesterday my oldest son turned 16. I got to skype with him briefly in between sniffles and coughs. He's doing well. So weird to have a kid old enough to drive! I'm proud of him and his accomplishments.

Today, February 3rd, marks the one year anniversary that I lost my step-mom, Gloria. I always remember my moms on their birthdays and the day of their passing. I wanna pick up the phone and call my dad but he's probably having a rough day today as it is without me shining a light on it. He hasn't taken her passing well at all. Neither have I really. Its so weird to go down there and be in that house and she's not there. Its hard to imagine. Hard to think about.

I think she'd be proud of all the hard work I did since last year. When she last knew me my life was in tatters and I was a broken soul. She was worried about me. At the time when she should be at peace, she was worried about me. I'll never forgive that aspect of things. I regret that, greatly. I think about her and the confidence she tried to instill in me about my work. "You're gonna make it," She always said to me. I don't know if I have yet, or if I ever will. OR even what "making it" means for me. I have my own definition. Lately it seems like I've been treading water, big time. I know it seems okay to take a pause and take time to make sure I'm all together right. And reclaim parts of myself lost or dormant since this big reboot of my life. It's natural. But the zeal for work comes and goes. Some days I'm gung-ho and its like, "I'm back! Thank Christ!!" But then the next day I just sit and think about how I don't have anything done and what/why am I doing it? Its a vicious cycle and I hate that its happening.

I color pages on STARSLAM 2 or work on the novel or other things and I'm so damn proud of whats been happening. It's like when I drew the pages last year I was so ahead of what I wanted to do. I've got a bunch of projects started and its a mountain to finish any of them. Even if I had a month off with solid productivity, I don't know where I would be with them. It's a shitty feeling.

I'd love my razor focus back. I want to make my moms proud of me. I want to show everyone who has supported me through these rough times and before that their faith in me was in the right place. I don't feel like its too late for me to keep doing the things I love to do. Or that I shouldn't be doing them. I enjoy it. I love it. Plus, I don't know what else to do with myself.

I guess I want to say thanks for continuing to support and read/listen to me and my ramblings. Its a day to day struggle to get back onto the horse. Bare with me. I always deliver. And when its done, I'll hold those porn books in my arms with happiness. I'll get there.

Anyway, that is what is on my mind this morning. Miss you Gloria. And I miss..... myself.... whatever that is anymore.

Cheers to you all,


Monday, February 01, 2016

Porn Store Book intro!

One of the projects I've been working on for the last couple years is a novel "tell-all" of my days working in the adult industry. Not just at shops, but doing adult artwork and the crazy situations I've dealt with over the years. I do plan to finish this book this year and I hope you are all still interested in reading it. Today, I'm going to share the intro to the book to you here. I did this before a few years ago but it has since been updated. So please, enjoy what will be the intro to my first written novel, coming this year... And goddammit that is a promise!




11:40 pm. Dec. 31st, 2008. I’m sitting in the Tiger’s Den sex shop, alone. I couldn’t take another song that our modern rock radio station would play, so I just turned it off to enjoy the silence. Better than that damn Papa Roach or Hinder song again. I’m sitting in the manager’s chair behind the counter, fighting off the depression state that I’m not home with my wife and newborn son to ring in the new-year together. She quit texting me an hour ago. She’s tired and has since fell asleep. The snow was demolishing the ground outside and I had not seen a customer for over two hours. The shop was an isolated place, right off the interstate, nothing major of note nearby. Just a crappy truck stop across the street, and they are all closed up for the night….as every place should be on a holiday like this. I wished I was anywhere else but where I was. I was too bored to read my book I brought, too bored to draw anything. I just preferred the quiet sound of the heavy snow pounding on the roof and the cheap metal wall covering the outside. I wanted to wallow in my lonely pity that I was stuck there on New Year’s Eve, alone.

A light on the security screen out of the corner of my right eye makes me turn to face it. I notice on the camera that a car has pulled up to the building. It slips and slides through our parking lot in the almost foot of snow blanketing its existence. The tracks left behind its tires was an interloper to the beauty of the quiet and untouched snowfall. A man in his late 40’s gets out of the Dodge Durango and heads for the front. The familiar door chime rings and pierces my ears. It is doubly loud when its dead quiet in the store. I nod at his direction, and in my head cursing that he even bothered to trek out into these dangerous conditions for porn he could have easily looked up online for free. But that’s not any way to think is it? Number one rule to retail: Customers are not an interruption to our work, but the purpose of it. I should be thankful I have a job at all in these rough times… so they tell me.

The minutes tick away and I’m silently begging in my head.

“Please don’t let me have to ring him up at midnight. Please don’t let me have to ring him up at midnight.” It becomes a mantra I repeat slowly in my mind as I watch him browse.

While the man walks around the store he keeps glancing in my direction. Anyone in with any sort of retail training knows this look, and it’s a concern that a person might be trying to steal something.  He fiddles with his collar and and a couple quiet sighs leak from his ugly face. I scan his hand for a ring to see if he is married. Yes. Obviously the misses didn’t feel like putting out on a nice night like this so he was coming here to get some porn to hide from her.

As I continue my Hercule Poirot-style observations of the stranger I notice that he is obviously wearing a bra under a skin-tight shirt. It was likely some sort of secret fetish dress play. I would wager a bet that he was wearing panties too. A thong perhaps? Or all silky so it would tingle and rub at his man parts? He strolled around the store while carrying four $5.95 DVDs from the cheap bin. Three contained straight sex, with themes of choke on cock style of gagging, bukkake and double anal threesomes. The fourth disc was a transsexual flick, for you know, if the wife found it he had a safe excuse. “How did I grab this one by mistake?!” As if it would get lost in the shuffle, or the silly clerk at the front would judge his choices less if I didn’t notice…. As if I gave a shit.

As feared, he approached the counter at 11:58. (sigh) I rang him up and he paid cash. A few minutes ago I was screaming in my brain that I wished I was at home when the ball dropped. But no, I was stuck here, ringing up a secret cross-dressing stranger at the stroke of midnight. I noticed the digital clock pass midnight on my computer clock. I said nothing. I gave the total, with discount for buying four movies. He paid and I started to bag them up.

“Hey. Uh, Happy New Year,” I said with a half smile. He looked up at the big clock behind me.

“Oh yeah…. You too,” he said in the most nervous type of tone. I decided to go with a joke to deflect the awkward silence.

“No offense, but I’m not giving you a kiss,” I said through the fake smile. I don’t think he got that I was joking around.

“Hey listen, can you take them out of the cases? I just need the discs.” This was a common request. Most likely to ensure one could easily hide them from his spouse in whatever CD in his collection she would never touch and find his hidden stash. I emptied the cases and handed him a bag of discs. Head down, he grabbed his bag and headed out the door into the snowy night. I sat back in the chair by the manager’s computer and sighed. I watched him drive away on the outside camera. I could hear the rush of the trucks on the freeway nearby, the pitter patter sound of the snow hitting the outside walls.  The silence of no music in the store now made my ears sting. The store was empty and cold. I was alone and it was quiet. The smell of lube and glass cleaner hung in the air, my only companion on this late New Year’s night.

“How did it come to this?” I ask myself aloud. No one answered back.


It was 1983. I was five years old. And I was laying flat on the floor in a video store in protest of pornography.

My parents were doing their best to raise me to have a level head and decent scruples. They weren’t bible thumpers although we were practicing Jehovah’s Witnesses for a time. (I quit when I was fifteen because I wanted to start banging chicks.) I grew up in the country with no neighbor kids to play with, nor was there any cable TV in our area. The only thing I was able to watch was PBS, which had shows like Sesame Street and Mr. Rogers Neighborhood on it. For some reason early on I developed a streak of telling people what they were doing right and wrong in their lives. I would hang “No Smoking” signs drawn in crayon in the houses of smokers in my family. I would warn my parents to not watch movies that had dirty scenes in them. But I never protested the extreme violence, just the boobs and butts. I recall my mother watching “The Godfather” while I was in the room. But I didn’t care about violence. Only nudity. I wanted to cleanse the world. (For some silly reason)

It was with this mindset that on this particular winter day in 1983 that I went to the now long gone mom and pop style store called “Video World” in Mt. Pleasant, Michigan with my mother and her friend Robin. They were talking on and on and browsing the movies. Robin snuck off to the adult video room, which was sectioned off from the rest of the store. My mother followed her in, only to continue their conversation. To my knowledge she was never interested in renting pornography for herself or for her and dad to watch when I finally hit the sack. Maybe they did and I didn’t know it. But I highly doubt it. (And let me keep doubting it, please)

But unknown to me her motivations, in she went. From browsing the Looney Tunes and Masters of the Universe Betamax tapes I saw her go in. I could not go back there to inform them of the wrong that they were doing, so I was stuck without a weapon for vocal protest. For some reason, I decided to lie down in the middle of the floor, arms and legs spread wide and there I lay, quietly. My mother emerged and with a gasp of embarrassment exclaimed, “Honey! What on Earth are you doing?”

“I am protesting mom,” I said simply.
“Protesting what?” She asked.
“I am protesting the fact that you went into that room with the dirty movies. Those movies are wrong and you shouldn’t watch them!” My mother almost fainted with embarrassment as chuckles echoed throughout the store. Our video rental days at Video World ended that day, as we never went back. She didn’t rent those dirty movies (not that she even intended to in the first place) and I had won.


If you reflect back on that day in 1983 and compare it to now, it’s complete night and day. Her son that held that quiet protest on the floor that day has since grown up to work in several adult stores, managed one of them, hung out with strippers, worked on adult artwork, wrote many adult stories, had lots of angry, sordid sex with many different women and has certainly changed his mind on the stance of pornography. I have come to peace with my inner pervert, if you like.

However, in my years of growth and enlightenment, there have been many occasions for me to encounter the most, shall we say, colorful individuals and situations that life simply doesn’t teach you how to face properly. There simply is no guidebook that would help me combat and deal with these things as they arose. I have stories beyond stories of truly unique encounters of the kooky and the strange to the positive and then back to the plain and simple extreme perversion that is associated with that beloved genre. And it’s not all bad. Certainly I’ve had my share of weird occasions and people, but I’ve also had great times with folks. It all comes together in a large steamy stew of experience that I am eager to share with the rest of the world. It is with these things in mind that I present this novel of complete non-fiction to you for your enjoyment.

Do you want to hear about the time I dealt with the trucker who was dating a mentally handicapped lot lizard? How about men hooking up in secret locations over and over in arcade booths? Or the time that a man wearing a diaper and an inserted butt plug asked us if he could clean our bathroom because his mistress demanded him to ask us? Or being asked to assist a 70 year old cross dresser for his role play? Its all here in its uncut, completely 100% accurate and depraved glory. This is the blatant and embarrassingly honest tale of one man’s journey of finding inner peace within the genre of pornography, even so much as to work in the industry itself. He swam through the sludge deep within and emerged with crazy stories that he can tell till his dying days. I’ve had the ultimate peek behind the curtain and I want to share what I lived through with you.  

Still want to read it? If you say yes, you’re a sick mother-fucker. And welcome!


Saturday, January 30, 2016


Hey folks. Made it to the weekend but I picked up a bug somewhere. Probably from someone at work. Just coughing, achy, watery eyes and just blah feeling. I'm downing medicine and taking it easy today because I got my kids tomorrow. Hoping I'll be better for their visit. I have them overnight too.

I did take some time to color around 8 pages today. I'll show some progress to ya:

STARSLAM 2 is coming along. I have about 75 of the pages colored. 150 pages on the book total. So I'm at the halfway point. Man, its slow going. But I'm chipping away at it every chance I feel up to it. Worth the wait. Trust me!

My mind is on my boys this week. Next week my oldest son turns 16. He sent me this lovely online letter for my birthday last week. Man can he write!! 

My boys James and Scotty come over every weekend and hang out too. 

I took Scott Bot for his evals and doctor's checkup. He's 51 inches tall now. No longer needs a car seat (sniff). He also has lost his two front teeth. His autism is improving by small chunks daily. Its great to see! 

This is my last Saturday off to myself in the next couple months, and I have to spend it sick! Sucks. Every weekend forward I have to get the kids Sat-Sunday or I have something going on. Its gonna be a busy Feb/March. But I'll get through it. Good thing I delayed the release of STARSLAM 2. I'd never get it done! Thanks for your patience.

In my spare time, I've tried out some new media. I read Scott Weiland's book "NOT DEAD AND NOT FOR SALE," Which unfortunately I cannot recommend. It reads like a cliff notes version of his story. Reading wiki would be just as good. Skip it. But I did read a collection of short horror stories by Kosmic Kasey called "PIECES OF MADNESS." Really good work. So pick that up if you can. Also got my pal Joe Peacock's book: "MENTALLY INCONTINENT." Great stories from his life. Check that one out too. I got about 8 other books on my table I have to finish, so hopefully I can squeeze those in. But it feels good to read more than I used to.

In movies/TV I haven't done too much. I finished ASH VS EVIL DEAD which is good for the most part. But drags a bit here and there. I'm in the middle of JESSICA JONES on Netflix, which is good. I can recommend that. Beyond that, not much else. I do have the Brian Wilson flick "LOVE AND MERCY" to check out maybe this weekend. We'll see.

Anyway, that's a general update of my newest of the new. Back to bed with me.


Monday, January 25, 2016

Birthday Weekend Recap

Hey friends. I recapped my birthday weekend on the recent IDIOTHEAD MORNING SHOW PODCAST (DOWNLOAD/STREAM HERE) so I won't reiterate it too much. Overall it was decent. I spent time with myself on Saturday doing some shopping and tons of coloring. (I shared that last time)

On Sunday I read, plugged up my new amp and played and spent time with my boys. After that, a solo steak dinner, football and then more coloring and a commission. All in all, a decent weekend. Here's some of what I colored on Sunday:

A pinup of Goddess Tyra from STARSLAM.

The PLEASANT LIFE gang. Man I can't wait to finish their new book! (Coming whenever)
I got a couple more commissions to finish this week so we'll see how far I can get with them.

I got into a bit of a low on Sunday, thanks to my mind wandering. You try to live a life of no regrets but then you look back on the last 38 years of your life and wonder things like: "What if?" What if 20 years ago I did this instead of that. Or told this person off or met this person then instead of now. All these what ifs. Then you think back to people that used to be in your life and you had such great chemestry with at the time. You decide to look them up and see what they are doing. Sometimes you find them. You reach out and say HI, HOW YOU BEEN. Some answer, some don't. You reach out and just say that you were thinking of them and you miss their friendship. Maybe to say that, "Hey, you meant something to me back then and still do. I just wanted to see how you are doing." The feelings of remorse set in and you think about if you turned left instead of right. How would things have unfolded then?

I try to live a life of no regrets. Because my mind has a way of torturing itself over the silliest little thing. I relive crap I messed up from years and years ago. No one remembers these things but me. I'm the only one fueling the fire and torturing myself. And sometimes you are through with the past, but the past isn't through with you. It comes back and reminds you, with anger. You try to be the better person and show your evolution, but it still remains.

I wish I could live like LEMMY. No regrets. He did what he wanted to do in that moment. He just fucking lived and lived it his way. Till the goddamn wheels fall off. No regrets.

I wish I could be that way. Man do I wish that.

There are several things I would go tell myself in the past if I had a time machine. Quit here. Avoid this. Don't eat that. Don't be a pussy, ask that girl out. Go for this, go for that. Enjoy this time cause it will be gone forever tomorrow. Say what you want to say to her. Tell them that you love them. Try harder. Save some money, etc. We'd all do that I think. We got one shot. One life. And it isn't a "choose your own adventure" book where you can go back a few pages and go the other way. I wish it were, but its not. Your thumb is off the page and you can't go back.

The important thing is to not think about changing the past, but focus on the fact that we can change the present. And we can mold our futures however we want. I never think about the future or the present. Always the past. I wish I could stop that. Another thing for the therapist.

Anyway, I'm 38 now. Two more years before I'm 40 and out of the demographic. I don't look 38. I feel like I'm 68. Its not a perfect, happy life... But I'm working on it.

Cheers, T

And to anyone in my past who I held dear and have lost touch with, I miss you. Reach out. Anytime. I will reply. Email:

Saturday, January 23, 2016

STARSLAM 2 Progress and more

Hey friends. Thought I'd share some pics of my coloring flats on STARSLAM 2. These pages are by no means done, but you can get an early look at some pages you haven't seen yet! Check it:

Our main villain makes his move...

Another Villain gloats...


Foxclaw and Bear Girl go on a stakeout...

I spent about 8 hours coloring around 15 pages today. Its slow going, but we're getting the train rolling. I still have to go in to each page and drop some shadows and highlights. But Flatwork takes the longest. Then lettering. Then PDF that fucker and print it. But we're rolling. That's the important thing!

Tomorrow is my birthday. I hit the big 3-8. I already got myself a new small amp and a bass guitar. To additionally celebrate, I took a solo trip to Kalamazoo today and came back with some loot:

Two GHOST Lps, some 45's, various discount graphic novels, Magazine and a used Bluray! Not a bad haul!

While I am celebrating solo tonight, my girlfriend made me a digital card: 

Fucking awesome, eh? :) I'm a lucky fellow.

Anyway, I am off to do some more artworking and then hit the hay. I got my kids tomorrow for my birthday and we'll have some fun. Not sure if I am doing anything after that. I guess not. Probably just more coloring and maybe drink alone a little. All in all, not a bad birthday. Relaxing. That's kind of what I need. Been working a ton lately.

And BTW, the Diet is still going strong. No worries there.

Cheers my friends! Be safe in the snow!


Thursday, January 21, 2016

Ramping up to Birthday Weekend

Hey friends. First off, DIET UPDATE!!!

This is day four of the lifestyle change and I'm proud to say that I've stayed strong. No fast food, no soda. I'm having withdrawal symptoms big time. The chemicals they put in that shit are leaving my body and my body is going "WTF!?!?!" So yeah, I'll get through it. No problem. I got this.

I'm working lots of hours this week and taking care of minor things like a new car tag, grocery shopping and cleaning house. This Sunday I turn 38 years old. Only two more years left before I hit the big 4-0, and my life is over. (That's a joke. Get it?) I've already got myself a nice present. I bought a small Peavey guitar amp and I got a new Bass, that I dub: THE LEMMY!

Its a used bass, so I have to pick it up in a few days to ensure that it doesn't come back stolen. But I paid for it, all I gotta do is go pick it up. The neck action is good and I think it will do fine for my needs. Its a cheap used bass that I will use to write new songs and do some recording here at home and when we get into the studio next. I wrote some lyrics and song ideas last night even. I'm pretty jazzed to get going. I'll probably plug up my new amp this weekend and try it out. I've gotta knock the dust out of my fingers, that's for sure.

I'm also celebrating by looking into going to more concerts this year. I got VIP tickets to see GHOST in Grand Rapids on May 20th. I also am going to see REEL BIG FISH here in Lansing. Also, PEARL JAM tickets go on sale very soon for the Chicago show, so I plan to try to get in on that. Building memories and experiences. That is what life is all about. Celebrate while we are here, am I right?

This Sunday for my birthday, I am getting my boys and spending my birthday with them. I hope to get some more coloring and shopping done this week and next week. I got a couple commissions to finish sometime this week as well. Just staying busy.

I hope you folks have a great weekend. See ya on the flip side of 38!!

Cheers, T

Monday, January 18, 2016

A Long Awaited Return....

Before I launch into the blog, an update from last time... (I plan to post updates on the diet here probably every blog so that you can hold me accountable!) I am off soda, Day One. Doing okay. I held strong against the temptation today. Feeling tired, but that is to be expected. Onward!!


Okay, now onto this blog's subject.. MUSIC.

Some of you might not know where my website, IDIOTHEAD.COM got its name from. Well, it started back in 2004 when my friend of 20 years Shane Logan and I started a band. We had bands back in high school and we played a couple gigs. But mostly we enjoyed tooling around in the studio and making music. Our best project was a joke band called (drum roll)... "IDIOTHEAD." It was basically like Weird Al, but very vulgar. We would record in any genre of music and we enjoyed it. It started as a goof, really. But in the end, we found it easily accessible and fun to do.

Shane has been one of the only people on this planet that I have been able to collaborate with comfortably. We read each other's minds and catch up to each other well. Our music tastes are similar, but he leans towards more heavy stuff, whereas I love other genres like Jazz, Swing, Ska, Rap, etc. But we both love grunge, progressive, punk, rock and classic rock. We meld together quite well.

From 2004-2006, we recorded THREE ALBUMS as IDIOTHEAD.

For the longest time, these albums were available for purchase here on the website. But after a time, the focus shifted from music and went mostly toward my comics and what I was doing. Shane got busy raising a family and he moved out of state. Our last CDs sold and we never reprinted them. The idea was to release them digitally, but we wanted to remix them and even re-record some of the songs to present them in the best form. It was one of those "back burner" projects that maybe, possibly, we'd get to one day.

The years went by and he is now back in Michigan and we talk weekly. We'd occasionally talk about recording music again, but my comics have always been more of a priority in my life. My guitar sat in the closet, quiet and collecting dust. I sold off my amps and piano over the years. But I couldn't let my beloved Fender Strat go.

Recently I've been thinking a lot about music again. I've discovered new bands. I've gone to more concerts. My vinyl addiction is strong. My musical idols are dying off. Its just a weird time for me. And sometimes when we're faced with a clean slate in life we ask ourselves, "What do I want to do?"

It was through this soul searching that I found I had the interest and drive to make music again. I started writing ideas and lyrics down, like I hadn't done in almost ten years. I never stopped loving music, but I just lost the zeal to make it. But that has recently changed.

In 2015, Shane and I got together for the first time in 7 years and jammed. I was rusty as shit as I haven't played in years and that is evident, but we had a good time:

It sparked the conversation of doing it all again. We're older, more experienced in the world. Maybe we got more to say. Maybe our new musical influences can shine a bit. Maybe I can finally take some of the demos I've had laying around for years and make them into something. Maybe not Idiothead even, but a personal or SOLO album, if you like. There really is no limit to what I'd like to do.

Pie in the sky dream: I'd love to do some more Idiothead stuff as well as other genres and styles. I'd love to release a ton of music digitally and maybe.. just maybe.. make a vinyl record of our best stuff. Maybe raise the money via a Kickstarter... who knows, man. There's no limit!

But the drive must continue. I'm pretty pumped up about it right now. My birthday is in a week. I am considering getting a new amp, effects pedal and maybe even a bass guitar. I will record some demos in garage band and we'll swap them. We've already set aside a weekend this year to get together and record some music. I am looking forward to it. I got demo ideas and we're talking about it.

Would this be a FOURTH Idiothead album? Or maybe redo some of the old songs, make new ones and release it as a serious version of the band's music? Maybe use up all the old video footage that I have and release a documentary along with it? There's tons of demos and things archived. We'll get out of it what we put into it, honestly. And right now, I feel like going all out. Cause why the fuck not!

Anyway, that's something to keep an eye on for 2016.  New music is coming from me. In one form or another. I'm making music more of a priority in my life. It should've always been that way. But I'm not gonna turn my back on it. Never again.

Ten years is too long to stay musically quiet. Even for our silly little band. This summer, we're gonna fix that.

Cheers, T