Monday, August 24, 2015

Starslam 2, Con News, Pics, Website thoughts and More

Hey folks, BIG Blog today. Thought I'd keep you in the loop on some things. Plus share some new exciting STARSLAM 2 page progress shots and some pics of my boys and I. So lets hop to it!

1-CON NEWS: Unfortunately the September 26th show in Taylor is cancelled. I guess the promoter lost the venue that the show was going to be at and so the show had to be cancelled. Its a bummer, but it will be on for next year. But that's okay, it gives me more time to focus and prepare for the upcoming GRAND RAPIDS COMIC CON going on Oct 16-18th. I reserved my hotel and I am locked in, baby! The show is at the DeVos Center in downtown Grand Rapids and is sure to be a happening. For more info on the show, visit their website right HERE

2-PODCAST: I'm still doing Idiothead Morning Show podcasts via Itunes! You can subscribe and download via Itunes by doing a search for IDIOTHEAD, or stream/download them right HERE

3-WEBSITE: I am planning an overhaul to the website here. I was thinking of moving to an entirely new server and trying some new approaches, even possibly a new URL, but I am not sure on the subject. I've been with Freeservers for several years now and its working quite well. I only pay $50 for the year and its been good. But I am mulling around ideas. Change is in the air! If you think there's something my website here is lacking and you'd like to see it, feel free to EMAIL ME HERE and give me your thoughts. I'd appreciate any feedback anyone has.

4-STARSLAM 2! - Holy crap folks. We're rolling right along. I'm into the final battle pages and they are gonna be doozies. I'm gonna share some of the non-spoilery pics here for you. Here's some pencils with some inks:

Pencils on a page.

Double page splash being inked...

The girls getting ready for some action!
As you can see, everything is up a notch. Trust me, there's MUCH more to come! Hope you enjoyed what you see here so far. (heh heh)

5-CONVENTION PRINTS! I've finished work on all my new 11x17 prints and I am taking them to Grand Rapids Comic Con with me. However if you are in the Lansing area and need some of my art now, stop by THE RECORD LOUNGE in East Lansing and you can score some there! Check it out:

They are gracious enough to allow me some wallspace to sell my wares. There are other local artists' stuff up too. Plus GREAT vinyl selection! Check them out on Facebook right HERE - Please go and support local art and music!

6- It's been a while since I shared some pics of my boy James (who turns 3 in a few days!!!!!). So here's some home pics I thought I'd share:

James LOVES my homemade chicken n' dumplings and Mashed Potatoes. Gloria's Dumplings live on!

I gave myself a shave and a haircut. Got rid of the Van Dyke and just went with a Goatee from now on. HOT!
Lastly, I thought I'd share a few warm up head sketches I did the other night. Here ya go:

So there ya go! Thanks for reading folks. Have a good week!

Luvs, T

Tuesday, August 18, 2015

Batgirls and Bob Dylan

Yyvonne Craig is gone. That sucks man. Not only did I enjoy her as Batgirl, but in the Star Trek episode: "Whom Gods Destroy" she played a psychopathic killer/green slave girl vixen. She wasnt a damsel in distress. Yyvonne Craig kicked ass. I was at the comic store the other day and was jonsing to try something new. I saw a Batgirl trade, the New 52 one by Gail Simone. I got it purely because of my affection for the character. Ive never read a Batgirl comic before. Im way overdue. But I gotta think that I picked that book up partly because of my affection of 1960s Batgirl. I also loved her in one of my favorite Don Knotts movies: How to Frame a Fig. But we need more actresses like Yyvonne Craig was. A definite hero to many and she will be missed. My heroes are slowly leaving me folks. That blows.

Im stuck at my overnight job right now listening to Bob Dylan. Always gets me somber and sober. I got about 15 albums sitting on my iphone mix wanting me to listen and digest them. Bob Dylan's music has this unique power of taking me back through my life amd make me think of people, places or times that Ive lived through. It reminds me how grateful I am to be here right now. It helps me reflect on what got me here. But it also makes me wonder where Im going. Everything is on an upswing lately and I have no odea when it will level off. I dont want it to. Ive had enough heartache for one year. I just want time and quiet to live and get things I want done to line up.

Im looking over the new Starslam pages after I scanned them in this week and man am I proud of these. This little smutty book has kept me together the last few months. It has been a great anchor for me. I cant wait to finish it. Only 45 pages to go. Give me a week or two on that!

Oh well. These are random late night thoughts. Thanks for the indulgence.

Cheers, T

Good Weekend!

Hey friends. Up at 3am after a weird night of stomach issues. I'll try to sleep again in a bit, but I thought I'd try a blog to get my eyes tired again.

I dug through my beloved comp here to get rid of files I no longer need for various reasons. The little things that always need to be done. I've tried to enjoy myself this past weekend on top of all the working, kids at the house and artworking. The art Gods blessed me with being able to pencil 8 pages in two days. I'm just about done inking them. I am on page 105 of STARSLAM 2. I have about 45 pages to go. I just mapped out the rest of the page count, so I am looking really good. Since I got so productive, I decided to sit and tackle some music and movies I keep putting off. I dissected some albums on my iphone that just need my sit down full attention. Some good shit like the newest Transatlantic and Royal Blood. Then I decided to dig into Sherlock season 3. However, I realized that I had already watched it last year! I simply had forgotten. I was proud of myself that I was ahead and didn't realize it. So instead I watched a documentary on The Eagles on Netflix. Enjoyable. I've always liked that band. They remind me of my Uncle Richard. Rest in peace, Smitty.

I reserved my hotel for Grand Rapids Con. I'm 100% locked in on that show and the Taylor show in September. I dropped off my new 11x17 prints at The Record Lounge in East Lansing. They sell my prints and my half goes to my vinyl addiction. Its a fair trade, wouldn't you say? So go there to get them! My son is coming up on the 4-6th for us to go to this Video Game convention together. I'm excited to spend a weekend with him. Time and recent events have kept us apart for too long. But that will be fixed soon. I had a job interview a week ago. I went to a second interview. I should know this week if I got the gig or not. If I got it, it would work around my current graphics job, which is a definite plus! No more overnight gigs at the gas station. I'm kinda done with that place anyway. While its great cause the work is easy and I can draw pages there, its sort of dangerous. And with the drunk college kids returning, I'm not looking forward to the hassle of the idiots. Plus, its a 20 minute drive there and 20 minutes back. Less on gas and wear and tear on my beloved 1996 Bat Blazer. We'll see what happens, fingers crossed.

I finally bought some new vinyl records. A Clockwork Orange Soundtrack, U2 Joshua Tree and Joe Jackson Stepping Out. I'm overdue for buying some new stuff. A friend gave me some Parliament and a George Harrison on vinyl too. I got the urge to go get some more blu rays, but really I don't have much time to sit and enjoy movies like I used to. My girlfriend and I try to sit and enjoy a movie now and then but her tastes and mine sometimes don't mix. Its a good thing cause we are comfortable liking what we like and don't give the other person shit for their tastes. But we both love horror movies and Halloween season is coming up.

In the next couple weeks, I gotta get my kids some school clothes and supplies. We all have our own thing going and that is great. I feel like I got a million things going on, but isn't that always the case? I often wonder if the word "retirement" is in my vocabulary. Probably not. I think I prefer it that way. I'd love to die at my art table with a pencil in my hand. I don't have an art table right now, so that dream is a bit of a ways off. First I need to get us a new bed. Then an art table. If I score this new job, I am promising myself a Cintiq for my hard work. Maybe eliminate the use of paper all together. Wouldn't that be nutty?

I'm late night rambling now. Best try to re-hit the hay. Thanks for reading folks. Have a great week. No, MAKE it a great week! You got the power to get that done. Go make it happen. No one hands you shit in this life. You make it happen.

Cheers, T

Friday, August 14, 2015

The Downside of Productivity

Hello friends! Its Friday and I am staring at a long weekend of over 24 hours at my second job and 24 hours of sleep and watching the kids. Weekends suck for me. Ups and downs. Quite a juggle. I hope that all changes soon. I'd like to be awake and refreshed for a nice week, and enjoy when my kids are here, instead of fighting sleep. But there are possibilities for change in the air. Lets hope it happens. (Vague, I know, but necessary)

Meanwhile, my extreme productivity streak continues. I got all my prints done for con season. Like, back from the printer and in plastic sleeves, DONE! I am in the middle of artworking for the new banner stands. Supplies are ordered and are here. I don't have a new show until late September and a major one in mid-October, but I am ready! Some things checked off the TO DO list. I'm busy designing for a much overdue face lift to the website here. As well as new avenues to monetize my work. I'm talking digital comics (finally!), T-shirts and a new digital comic via a subscription service like Patreon. All that is down the road in the 4th quarter of the year, but it is on the stove in various forms.

For now, the main focus is Starslam 2. I'm damn proud of where this thing is headed. I am about 3/4ths through the artwork and its getting to the good stuff. Some sex scenes and a big fight. It all leads into being one of the better books I have ever created. I can't wait for you all to see it. I am on schedule and its looking like October for Kickstarter launch.

I'm more productive than ever. But this comes at a price: I am behind on all things. I woke up the other day to realize, that we're in pre-season of the NFL. Holy crap!!! We don't have cable at my house so we're looking into other options for me to get my fix. No way am I missing games again this year. I missed out on the Playoffs and the Super Bowl for the first time in my life this year. Never again.

I'm also left out of the loop on whats going on in mainstream comics and movies/TV. I have not seen Captain America 2, Thor 2 or Avengers 2. I have not seen a second of Better Call Saul, Gotham, Flash, Arrow, Daredevil. Or any of Broadchurch, Sherlock season 3..... I am just behind. Truthfully, these things are not high on my personal priority list, but I am aware of them.  If anything, the only thing I keep up with is music. I am still loving the new Faith No More and Scott Weiland discs. But coming up we got new Ghost, Motorhead, Saxon and David Gilmour albums. I got the new Wilco one off Itunes for free, but haven't even touched listening to it yet. I bought a new Neil Gaiman book a few months back but haven't read a page of it.

I do enjoy these things, but there's more of a pull to keep my head down and just keep working. I feel the push and I am enjoying it. Sometimes I do feel like the nerds taking over the world is passing me by. I should be out enjoying the media instead of creating it. Ya'll feel me? Just once I'd like to sit down and enjoy something without some guilt. I have to wrestle with sitting down to enjoy anything. I'm in the mood for a nice murder mystery show like Sherlock or Poirot. But I can't indulge. Have to keep going! The media will always be there for me to enjoy. But the streak might leave me and then it will be a pile on my desk of unfinished business. And I got too much of that already.

So I shall continue to work hard and be as productive as I can. No watching spinning wheels here. I am the wheel that spins!

Sunday, August 09, 2015

Newer Cards! Star Wars and Marvel

Its been a while since we've talked Sketch cards. I do the sets and then have to be quiet about them cause they take a couple months to come out and by that time, I forget to share. So here's a bulk amount of cards I've done within the last year. Enjoy!

The top left two were on WOOD. Talk about tough to take my markers!

An in-process shot of my Star Wars EMPIRE STRIKES BACK ILLUSTRATED cards.

From a Marvel Legends Card Game.

And more...

These are from a special Return of the Jedi card set that had pieces of Ewok Fur and Jabba's Sail Barge in them!

These are from a special Return of the Jedi card set that had pieces of Ewok Fur and Jabba's Sail Barge in them!



And that's not all. There are a couple more sets I've been on that I cannot show you yet. Coming soon!!

Thanks for reading, T

Friday, August 07, 2015

Oddz and Endzzz

Hello friends. Its FRIDAY! Get up and make it happen!

I'm staring at a couple 12 hour shifts over the weekend and then a repeat next week. I've been working over 40 hours at the "part time" gas station job lately. Its good because I need the money really bad. Trying to save for changes needed in my life. Save for the future I want. Long term goals. Things that need to happen, the "Its about damn time" things. I got some stuff lined up this week that hopefully will make it happen for the better. I deserve certain things and protections in my life. And now is the time I start to wake up and make it happen!

Anyway, to be less vague, lets get to some updates!

STARSLAM 2 - I am on an average of getting around 5 pages done a week. I'm crossing into the 100 page mark and I got about 40 or so to draw after that. I hope to get them all in the can by the end of September, get rocking on the coloring and then launch Kickstarter by Octoberish. Thats my goal anyway. Fastest made sequel ever! But man, its really coming together. This book is gonna be a doozy. I got some major scenes coming up. Lots of naughty bits to draw.

NEW JOB! I started my new job a couple weeks ago as a graphic artist at CAP CITY REPROGRAPHICS here in Lansing. Its a business with a lot of history and its really a killer opportunity for me. Great folks to work with, great customers and better opportunites for me. I've even helped them redesign their logo:

So if any of my fellow artists are looking for a name they trust to help them get their printing done, add CAPCITYREPROGRAPHICS from Facebook. Make with the follow and see what we're up to. Or to get a quote on pricing, email me personally there right HERE

CONVENTIONS/APPEARANCES: I will be at the Michigan Comic Expo on  Saturday, Sept. 26th. For info on the show, join their Facebook page right HERE

I will also be at the fall Grand Rapids Comic Con, Oct 16-18th! For info on their show click HERE --

I am already busy doing up new prints for the upcoming shows. Check it out!!!

Gone are the matted smaller prints. I'm now going bigger! 11x17 in nice poly sleeves. I'm also pushing bigger original art pieces. And my books will now get a new display, front and center. I am going to try to have my new backdrops done in time for the show but no guarantees. I'm really excited about my new layout and pricing plans. Its next level shit!

PLEASANT LIFE 2 - I actually took a break from Starslam 2 to do up some Pleasant Life 2 pages. About four of them. So progress happens. Still planning on early 2016 for that to be finished. More page count, but not in color and the art is smaller. More talking heads than dynamic, so it sort of evens out. But this book will be killer. Fans of the first one will have many treats and feels over this one. I daresay it might be better than the first book! We'll see what you think in the coming months.

COMMISSION NEWS: I announced last time that on Sept 1st, my prices are rising for my commissions. So to take advantage of the old pricing, ACT NOW! Email me HERE and place your order to take advantage of the old pricing. I appreciate the support and business!

 Okay folks. Busy weekend ahead of me, I gotta get rolling. Save those dates above and I hope you have a great weekend!

Cheers, T

Friday, July 31, 2015

Commission Prices to Rise

Hey friends. A quick note:

After much consideration, I decided that starting September 1st I am going to raise my commission prices. I've kept them low for a long time and raised them only once before. But I wanted to give plenty of warning so that anyone wishing to commission me might do so at the soon to be old rates.

So, saying this with Peace and Love, my rates will raise to their new pricing scale on Sept. 1st. So you have the entire month of August to take advantage of what they are now.

Details and examples of commissions are available RIGHT HERE

Thanks folks! Cheers!


Tuesday, July 28, 2015

Daily Life Goingz Onzzzzz

Hello my friends.

You know what I did yesterday for the first time in months?


After I got out of work, I literally laid in our living room by my book cases in my little wavy reading chair/couch thingy and did... NOTHING. I even dozed off for a spell. I intended to sit and read a bit, as there are books I have recently bought and haven't read. But I didn't. I should have been up digitally coloring or drawing my next page. But I didn't. I coulda been up taking care of my online needs but I didn't. I just did fucking nothing. And man was it exquisite! And later that night, I laid in bed and watched 4 episodes of X-FILES... a show I kept putting off for years and am now enjoying...

...because I've learned to allow myself to!

I've been in constant motion since January of this year. But after the second move this last weekend out of my (very short lived) "bachelor pad," and into my new place, 100%... I found myself with a great sense of calmness and relief. Things are settling into a comfortable routine for me here. Which is weird to say, because I've been living here for over two months! I'm just in a damn good headspace right now. I think a lot of it has to do with my new dayjob.

I am working at a place called CAP CITY REPROGRAPHICS in old town Lansing. I work with a great group of people and the work is coming easier to me. We're dreaming up new ideas and better ways to get new clients and make new products. Its laid back, but also sparks great interest. Its a fertile environment... one I haven't felt in a job in a loooooong time. I feel we're doing good work there and I am no longer focused on what I perceive as my "failures" of trying to find a job related to art. I'm helping other artists get their work out to the people. From doing art prints of their stuff, to business cards, scanning in large work, printing blueprints, color correcting painting and old photographs, designing logos and learning new shortcuts in various programs. I think I've learned more about Canon and HP printers in one week than I've ever learned in a whole lifetime. Its been a total trip.

The best part? My co-workers are good people. We all have families and our own individual things going. There's no drama and no issues at all. We're all excited for the changes happening and are looking to take the company to the next level. Its a passion and zeal for work that is rare to find in today's world. It's my kind of company and I feel like I hit the lottery with it. I'm immensely satisfied with the experience. I haven't felt that way in a long time.

I still have the night time gas station job. Its necessary for now. So my sleep is still kinda fucked. But at the night job, I do get some table time in to work on my pages and commissions. I got to watch an artist pal draw on his Cintiq the other night. It intrigued me. I've never seen one in action before. I'd love to try one out.

I guess I am just excited by all the cool things happening around me right now. New job, great new people, great customers to talk to, its very fertile and calming. As opposed to the last six months of screamers, couponers, complainers and corporate jerk offs. I'm greatly pleased.

I'm also pleased by the progress I've made in my work on Starslam 2 and Pleasant Life 2. Also that I've managed to put my comics at a higher priority in my life. I've got two live gigs coming up in Sept and October. I'm excited that my girl is supporting my efforts in change and cheers on every small victory I have with my work. Its just exciting, folks. I'm tired of the doom and gloom blog posts. This one is all about my inner smiles. Deal with me, okay? :)

BTW, I am on a thing called PERISCOPE via Social Media. Search for "Adamtalley655" to find me. Make with the add/follow and the hearts. I'll try to keep updating with videos for ya. Especially production videos of various things.

I've got some nice notes and messages regarding the Starslam 2 art I posted on my last blog. Thanks guys! You wait and see. This one is a doozy!! I actually took the time to revisit the first book this week and man am I proud of it. But the sequel, the SQUEAKWEL... holy cow and a half!! You'll see!

Anyway, just wanted to do a personal type of blog post to let you all know how I'm doing. Short answer: Goddamn Great!

Cheers, T