Tuesday, December 16, 2014

STARSLAM REVIEW (Female Perspective)

Hey folks. Thought I'd share a review I got of STARSLAM from a female reader. While I've got nice comments and notes from everyone, I haven't got a full review except for this one. I had to share it. Its written by Shawn Pfister and you can purchase her new book via amazon right HERE

I am honored she did this because I am always curious how the book reads to everyone out there. And considering STARSLAM is a work of erotica, I wanted to see if I did my job the right way.  Thanks a lot Shawn. It means a lot!

Here is her review of STARSLAM!

                  I backed this Kickstarter rather reluctantly. I have read erotica in the past and have been turned off of it because of the treatment of women as objects there to please the men. I voiced my concerns to Adam before backing and he assured me that nothing would happen, even went so far as to tell me what the worst scenario was (Starslam getting tricked into sex acts that she wouldn’t have performed had she known what was going on) and send me a few pages to prove it. It was refreshing to see that he understood what would make me, as a woman, feel uncomfortable about reading erotica and was quick to quell my fears.
So, I backed the kickstarter, getting myself a shiny new erotica to read on my phone. It turned out to be so much more than a simple story of sex. It’s a wonderful story of a woman discovering herself as a newly-minted superhero and as a sexual being. This being an erotica, her powers are sex based, but, since she is too strong to have sex with normal men, her powers don’t start to manifest until she starts to get busy with some supermen. A fun time is had by all as Starslam discovers her powers, but her character, and those of her fellow heroes, are truly shown when her powers cause harm and destruction.
Overall this felt like Superfriends with sex. Although the characters are less the caricatures of Superfriends and their motives more complex than “I’m the hero, I must be good,” or “I’m the villain, I must do evil,” there is the same format of well-organized group of heroes that are friends verses less-well-organized group of supervillains.
Where this differs from Superfriends is that the characters are all very well-developed. You as the reader get the sense that each of them have a backstory and a personality. Personal depth is built throughout, not just of Starslam, but also of her co-heroes and even the villains. As you read, you really understand character motivation.
There is an innocence to Starslam that does not go away no matter what evils befall her through her own ignorance of her powers or of the result of Mr. Bigg’s evil machinations. She maintains that innocence because he friends are there for her and understand her. There is no judgment in the D.O.E., just unconditional friendship…and a little hanky panky.
Personally, I look forward to the next chapter of Starslam’s development.

Monday, December 15, 2014

Catchin' Up!

Hey everyone! Its been a while. Just lots going on here at the house. Soon Scotty will be on X-mas break and I'll NEVER see my computer! So I figured I better get a blog in before its too late!

The wife and I have basically just been enjoying our "new" bedroom. Decorating it how we want, enjoying our new sheets, yada, yada. Its an exciting and nervous time all around. There's change in the air. She's down 90 pounds. I'm down about 40 pounds. The good news is that I've hit the treadmill everyday this week, and will continue to do so. Its just my life now. I crave it! The wife exercises everyday too. We're getting healthy all around together and its great! Improving our lives for the better.

The STARSLAM books are at the printer and I am not expecting them until January or so. Then I'll start shipping them out to the KS donors. I am on page 15 of STARSLAM 2. Going really well. I decided at a certain point in the book that the pages will go from horizontal to vertical, since GN is the new format for the story. It will make sense in the story and then move forward as a normal comic. I think. I will. Yes.

Tons of exciting thing abound. But also a bunch of work. I gotta push these AVENGERS 2 cards out by mid-January. Then I'm on some Dinosaur card set. Juggling, juggling, plus kids! I need a nice break or a vacation! But such is the life of a domestic God. Christmas shopping is mostly done. Got a few things left to get. I honestly can't wait to put the tree away because the darn kids won't stop messing with the ornaments!! Next year, I'm waiting til the WEEK OF XMAS to put the tree up! Lesson learned.

Anyway, just wanted to catch up a bit with you folks and let you know I'm here. Hope all is well. Much love to all of you over the holidays.

Cheers, T

Wednesday, December 03, 2014

Sober from Soda

I woke up this morning to an interesting article right HERE - Where a guy drank 10 Cokes a day for 31 days. He ended up gaining 23 pounds in that period of one month. I'm not surprised really. Each Coke is 120 calories x 10 a day equals 1,200 extra calories a day. It takes 3,500 calories to make a pound. So over 31 days, its no wonder why he gained at least 23 pounds. The math is simple.

What he did isn't new. This is very common knowledge. I'm not bashing the dude, cause I do hope that his documentation of this experiment might lead to someone changing their lifestyle a bit. However, I wish there were more studies on the addictive elements of soda intake and fast food intake. Also everyday we're uncovering more truths about companies like Monsanto and what they are doing to poison us and how we live. It sounds like hippie bullshit to some. But the more you unpeel the truth banana, the more it stinks to high heaven.

I used to drink probably 6 cans of Coke a day. I LOOOOOVE Coca-Cola. Love it. I crave it sometimes. The bubbles, the acidy taste. I was raised on Pepsi and Mountain Dew. I switched to Coke in college and became addicted to it. I've tried to kick it many times, each time I failed. Well this last July I dropped Coke and other sodas from my life. I've been five months sober off of Coke. Also, I dropped caffiene from my life. I will admit that during the last month or so, I have had a Sprite (small glass) here and there, and about twice I had a 20oz. Orange Crush. Just because I wanted something different. But I refuse to go back to Coke. I can't. I know if I get one simple taste, its all over. Its like asking a heroin addict to stick a needle in their arm but don't push it in. I cannot resist.

After I dropped Coke and drank water (with flavor packets) I dropped 20 pounds in a month. Astounding! When I started this lifestyle change in July I weighed an astonishing 372 pounds. Beyond morbidly obese. The last 5 months I've been adjusting habits. But I've had bad days. I still eat the fast food. During Halloween I binged on some Chocolate. So now I am hovering around 336. Thats still 38 pounds down and I'm proud of that. But I want to keep going. I need to start a serious exercise regimine and get serious. I had a health scare earlier this year. I was having bad dizzy spells. I went to the doctor and got an exam. I was scared to death I had diabetes. But 4 vials of blood later, all my levels were normal. I did have slightly high blood pressure. So I quit salting my food. I'm adjusting as slow as I can. I'm not in a marathon. It took 36 years to put this weight on. I know I cannot binge because it will come right back on. I want it to be gradual and lasting.

This week we moved the whole house around. My office is now in the Living Room. Our bedroom is in my former office. Our treadmill is in there. I will have no distractions now to get on and do a 20 minute walk. And that is what I intend to do. I need to get a bit more serious in getting my weight down. Right now, I have a goal to get below 300 by April 1st. I can do it. Its just 36 pounds. If I keep on my path, I will make it. My overall goal its to hover around 250. I'd be comfortable just being a fat guy. Not morbidly obese. Just cosmetically. Totally fine with me.

I say all of this not to brag, but to tell some folks my story. Do not "treat" yourself to bad food. You're not a dog. Make a decision and stick to it. If you want it bad enough, you'll make it happen. The only thing stopping you is the BS reason you are telling yourself why you can't. Millions of people have done this before you, millions after you will. Just take charge of your life and what you are putting in your mouth. Keep up the good deeds!

I'll never go back to Coke. I miss it. But I like me now even more than how any can of Coke can taste.


Sunday, November 30, 2014

STARSLAM wrap-up

Things have been a whirlwind this week and I finally get to sit down and talk a bit about STARSLAM and the Kickstarter experience. We got funded. At last count it was $2,890. I asked for $300. This whole thing has absolutely blown my mind. What started out as a whim of an idea, went through many phases and was completely shelved twice, has now become my fastest pre-ordered book of my career. On one hand you could argue that it was the sexiness of the project that made it get the attention. But I think its one simple answer: CROWDFUNDING WORKS.

When I considered Kickstarting this project, I looked to other folks doing erotica and releasing it on there. I saw a writer who put together a comics anthology. She asked for $5,000, she got $120,000. Another got $168,000. My pal Tim Fischer got over $6,000 for his project. So I knew that there was a potential to not only get funded, but also capture a new audience.... which is ALWAYS my intention. Getting paid is great, don't get me wrong. But I just want people to READ WHAT I DO! I cannot tell you how many free copies I've tossed to people over the years just to get people to read what I do. But I was stinged by older Kickstarters I tried. I tried to fund my ARTBOOK but failed. I barely got funding for both TALES OF SEQUENTIAL MAYHEM books. So it stood to reason that I might fail at launching STARSLAM that way. But I felt like I still needed to try. So I asked. And the people answered.

As of now, the funding process is complete. Sometime next week I should recieve my funds. I'v already handed out the digital book version to my backers. Next week when I recieve my funds, I will place the order for the books at the printer. A month later, I'll get them. Then I got a ton of sketching, signing and mailing to do. Its part of the gig when you are a one man operation. And I'm happy to do it. The majority of the money I raised is going to printing the book, shipping the books. The rest, which is probably around $500 will go to outstanding bills we have at the house. I won't see a dime of it. But that is TOTALLY FINE! Because I proved a point to myself. I proved that I can do this. I proved that I can ask the universe for something and get an answer. I proved that it is always a good idea to chase the whimsies. Sometimes it works, sometimes it doesn't. But when it works, hoooo boy!!

If you kept up with this process, donated, RT'd, sent vibes, whatever... THANK YOU! You have no idea what this means to me. Not only did I have the biggest pre-sale of my career, but I also stepped forward and contributed to the sex positive movement.... which is what I always wanted to do. I hope that people read and enjoy this book for years to come!

SO- what to do if you missed out on the Kickstarter? Well, I got news:

If all goes according to plan, in January, I will have physical copies of the book. You can order from my online store at that time. Also sometime around then, I will be launching digital versions of ALL my books. You can purchase and get them for your tablet devices or read them on your desktop. Your preference. I'm finally moving into the 21st Century with my shit! Also, I will have copies to take with me to conventions. Trust me, STARSLAM ain't gonna go away. Its just beginning. I'm already working on a sequel and I'm 10 pages into it. Its bigger, better and bolder. Sexier. More dynamic. I'm really gonna go all out with this one. So expect that next year.

As for other stuff like ANNA POCALYPSE 2, PORN STORE MEMOIRS and PLEASANT LIFE 2? Thats all in the works as well. You'll most likely get ANNA 2 and the PORN STORE MEMOIRS books next year as well. Depends on my time on when I can get things done. But it is my intention to get them all completed. I've caught a wave of inspiration and success and I intend to ride it! I've also got two more Sketch Card sets I am on currently.

Anyway folks, thats the wrap-up on STARSLAM. Thanks to all who ordered the book. I hope you are enjoying it! Onward and upward!

Cheers, T

Thursday, November 27, 2014

Holiday Deals!!!

Hey folks, I am having a holiday book/Commission sale THIS WEEKEND ONLY for the holiday season. Time to stock up on my books or a commission of art for a gift! Supplies are limited so it may sell out fast! ACT QUICK! Otherwise, sale ends Monday at 11:59pm.

Wednesday, November 26, 2014

Kickstarter: LAST DAY!

Hey everyone. Sorry for the lack of updates in a week and change. Been busy! Kids have Thanksgiving week off and thus, I don't get use of my computer all day! This past weekend I took a surprise trip 8 hours south to southern Illinois to see my folks. My step-mom is having some issues with her cancer and so I thought they could use a nice surprise visit, even though it was very short. But I am back after a crazy couple days of driving and no-sleep. Last week also, I was 100% focused on getting my Marvel cards done and out the door. I got two more sets coming I gotta work on, but I got time on them.

For now, lets talk STARSLAM!!!

As of this writing, there's less than 26 hours left. Home stretch. We're now at almost $2700!!!! FAR FAR beyond what I asked for initially. I am really blown away by the support for this book. And best for me, about 95% of the people pledging are people I don't know! So I am gaining new readers with this Kickstarter Project, which is what this whole thing is about.

Crunching the numbers: After I pay for printing and shipping costs, I will not clear much for personal funds. Maybe around $500. I didn't think I'd have to ship so many books. Also, I neglected to charge extra for overseas shipping. But I am happy as hell to eat the cost on it so that people can read my stuff. The fact that they checked me out at all means the world to me. So NO COMPLAINTS at all on my end! This whole thing was about getting new eyes on my stuff and this certainly has done that!

The book is 110% done and waiting for launch day. I got my files in my drop box, ready to place my order with Greko printing. All is set. And guess what else... This last week, I started work on STARSLAM #2!!!

Today I pencilled page nine. So I am already NINE PAGES into it! The sequel will come soon. Don't want to rush it. But I can say its bigger and bolder than the first one. Real good stories and tons of sexy time in it. And to those waiting on other stuff from me: Its still coming. But after the instant success of STARSLAM Book #1, I just had to rush work on starting a sequel. I had the outline of a script already but I fleshed it out after I got initial funding and started thumbnailing and researching. This week, I started on it. I want to stay ahead of the game. So sometime next year, I will launch another Kickstarter for STARSLAM 2, and it will (hopefully) be as successful as the first one! We shall see. One thing at a time.

I urge you all to jump in on this book. Join the kickstarter for Starslam by choosing your reward right HERE - It is done tomorrow night at 10pm. The perfect end to Thanksgiving!!

I want to thank everyone who their notes, RT's, pledges and kind words during the last 30 days. I especially have to toss out thanks to people like Dean Stahl, Brett Pinson and Tim Fischer, all who helped me out greatly in the production of this book. I couldn't have done it without you! Starslam started as a whim idea back in 2008. It was rejected twice at SDCC by two erotica publishers. It was a webstrip that sort of failed to get lots of readers to the site. I didn't have any way to reach out. But Kickstarter has done it for me. I have gained an audience. I hope I earn them by delivering a good book that they all enjoy! I look ahead to all the books I gotta personally sketch, sign, include commissions in and all that, and its quite overwhelming! But I am excited as hell to start on it! Thank you all!

Lets drive this baby home!

Cheers, T

Monday, November 17, 2014


Hey folks. Just enjoying some cold weeks up here in Michigan as the snow begins to start.

Its getting me in the holiday spirit. We already partially decorated the house a bit for Xmas. Sue me. I didn't get to enjoy Xmas much at all as a kid. Being raised as a Jehovah's Witness sucked! I didn't celebrate Xmas from the age of 9-16 or so. So I missed out on a lot. Making up for it now.

Scott is making excellent progress in his schooling. He's getting better at writing his letters:

James is hanging out at home a lot with me too:

And when we're not doing that, we're working on the STARSLAM KICKSTARTER, which expires in 10 days. Be sure to pledge and preorder the book!

I've completed the script for Starslam book #2. I will start pencilling on it this week after I finish doing some Marvel cards for Upper Deck. Excited about this script. Its gonna be a doozy! Also I am gonna redo some of the already done Anna Pocalypse 2 pages. I'm working on BOTH BOOKS AT THE SAME TIME!!!! I must be insane. But I promised the book to be done and done it shall be!

Anyway folks, just checking in. Hope all is going well for everyone. Be safe out there my droogies!