Saturday, April 19, 2014

FREE COMIC BOOK DAY plans - May 3rd

Hey folks! I will be at CLEMS COMICS in DOWNTOWN LANSING, MI for FREE COMIC BOOK DAY. I'll be there from 11am-? and some of my pals will be there as well. I will have my books, prints, cards, art and more. I will be doing free sketches for kids 12 and under. I will be taking commissions at the show but to be honest, it will be VERY busy there! So its best to order your commission ahead of time and pick it up at the show.

Prices are 8x11 for $20, 11x17 for $40, add $10 for color to the price. If you need a piece done and want to pick it up at the show, EMAIL ME HERE and lets get it taken care of ahead of time. Because with all the sketches for the kids, time gets limited. So please, hit me up beforehand.

Make plans to come out and see us and get free reads for yourself and the kids! Plus the store is having deals. Costume contest, giveaways and more! Details are right HERE - Its a fun day, come check it out.

See ya there!


Friday, April 18, 2014

Newer Pics to Share. (some NSFW!)

Been working on coloring some newer pieces. Here are a few: (Some are stretching the NSFW bits but I tried to cover up the naughtiest bits....)

I have been working on trying bolder color choices and making better decisions. I still got far to go but I like the progress so far.

Anyway, just a quick update. Have a great weekend!


Wednesday, April 16, 2014

Astonishing Updates from Office of Adam

Hey yo! Big week of happenings. A small bout of depression, that was destroyed by a grandly kind gesture. Details are in episode #230 of my IDIOTHEAD MORNING SHOW PODCAST which you can subscribe to via Itunes or listen to right HERE - And please do. It explains so much.

So thanks to that, my book printing is back on track and I should have the Pleasant Life books here within a month or so. There still is time to take advantage of the big sale I have on the books! Get Anna 1, Artbook and Pleasant Life... over 700 pages of content from me! All for one low discount price. Please take advantage of the sale by clicking HERE

OR if you just need PLEASANT LIFE, order via the online store right HERE

----Order a book and keep me from being a saaaadddd panda....------

No seriously, it feed my family, funds my work and I appreciate it!

In other news, I am working on new STARSLAM strips and new prints/art pieces for con season. So those that follow my two deviantarts will get some new content. I'm also doing newer card samples for the card companies so I stay in their line of sight for freelance work. Anything to keep me from taking on a night job. This first quarter of the year has been tight all around for everyone. So sales have been real low. Commissions have been sporatic. So I am just throwing everything I can at the wall to see what sticks in an effort to keep this train going. Luckily I have had people step in and help when it has been dire. I would be sunk without them miracles in my life. So I continue on and keep working on my stuff. Here's my current time table:

MAY - Free Comic Book Day at Clem's Comics - Lansing, MI
            Cherry Captial Con 23-25th

June/July - finish all STARSLAM art and start to put together the big book collecting all of the strips.

August/September - Finish two novels: Porn Store memoirs and my short story/poem book. Find a publisher or work on self publishing it.

October - (Maybe Detroit Fanfare?)

November/December - ANNA POCALYPSE 2 art
                                      Printing and releasing STARSLAM collection!

2015 - Release Anna 2 book, all novels, Mayhem 4, and one more solo project. Hit more conventions.


So thats the plan anyway. Time to set some goals and make them happen. Off I go! Have a great week, everyone!

Cheers, T

Thursday, April 10, 2014

The Internet and Who Turns Me On

My impression of the internet:

"OH MY GOD! (Insert celebrity name here) has been cast in a movie that I potentially want to (and will anyway) see. And I don't like the choice (even though I haven't seen the flick, and will anyway even just to fill my hate tank) and I am boycotting it (no I won't. I'll still go see it and judge it accordingly. But if it ends up good, then I will sing its praises and judge those who naysayed it before and after the fact)."

"OH MY GOD! I HATE (insert commercial, band, singer, TV show, sport, sport team here) AND EVERYONE THAT LIKES THIS SHOULD DIE!"


"OH MY GOD! (Insert name of person they randomly ran into and pissed them off for a second during their day and they will likely never see them again. But still felt the need to come onto social media to rant and rave about this person to "friends" and strangers) pissed me off today! I hate everything! FML (abbreviation for "fuck my life," which is used entirely too much. From simply dropping your pastry on the floor to a full blown car breakdown on a freeway).

"OMG! I HATE (insert celebrity name and thier doings here. Even though this person ranting will never meet said celebrity, nor will this celebrity and their doings while on Earth will not effect this person and their own back porch in the slightest possible way. BUT they still feel the need to put in their two cents on what they think about them to the world... because they can)."



"I HATE!!!!!!!!"


You know who turns me on? People who post things they like. Even if I don't agree with them (or what they like isn't my cup of tea), I just dig that they are passionate about something, and are willing to share it.

You know who I enjoy? People who created something, and are telling the world about it.

You know who I love to read about? People who don't just post negative ALL... THE.... TIME.

The world is farrrrr too negative 100% of the time. I get scared when people talk about the idea that guns should be legal across the board. Because with as random and mad as people get at strangers, I'd hate to think of how many murders would happen in one day. And believe me, I'm counting myself in that too. There are many times in traffic where I am so mad at a complete stranger that I could picture myself shooting their tires out, just because I could... if I could. So I don't trust myself!

The human race cannot be trusted. We cannot take care of each other. And we focus on things that are not important. Rant and raves about entertainment and pop culture. Things beyond our control. People who have their own lives in a far away place and do not effect you or your loved ones AT ALL.

It just amazes me the wasted time and energy on these things, when they could easily be ignored as if it were a fallen stick on the side of your path in the woods. A stick that is insignificant and looks like every other one around it. Rather, spend that time and energy CREATING. Drawing. Painting. Making Music. Dancing. Quilting. Crocheting. Reading. Learning. Coloring. Sewing. Writing. Playing. Making memories. Travelling. Seeing things you've never seen. Talking with people you never talked to before. Trying a new food or drink. LIVING LIFE.

What do I love? When I find someone in a creative field of some sort and I try to look them up and they are not on social media. Or if they are, they are only promotional posts or sales posts. I hunger to be like them because I know they are off living their lives and creating in the process. And soon I will see what they are working on, when its ready. they don't have to verbally jerk off everyday. They just live. I wish I could be that way too. 

One of my favorite Pink Floyd lyrics: "The paper holds their folded faces to the floor and every day the paperboy brings more." Seems every day I wake up, there's some "big news" that everyone is ranting about. Everyone HAS to have an opinion on this or that. Everyone has to beat the other person to the joke. Everyone has to see what everyone is saying about it. Everyone has an idea about what would work and not work in every situation, every TV show, every movie, etc. It gets EXHAUSTING.

You know what turns me on? People who DON'T KNOW. Or better yet, don't give a fuck. And not in your face about not giving a fuck, but just not giving a fuck. Just focused on their own plate. Their own back porch. They ignore the fallen sticks outside their path. And I fear that we are raising a generation of kids who are very disconnected. They don't know how to play outside anymore. They can't talk to each other and if they do, its through social media and only about things they hate. And I lump myself in there too. I am far from perfect at these things. But I have got better. I understand fighting on a facebook thread about a political arguement is not going to change the mind of the ignorant. All I can do is post news, inform and make my voice heard at the booth and hopefully keep people awake and aware of what is going on around them. To keep them unsedated.

I want to keep telling people about the cool things going on. A great song that they've never heard. A cool thing that is coming. People doing great things. I share it when I see it. You dig through the mud and hate to find those shiny diamonds and you share them. The people who dig with me are the ones who turn me on. We rock the journey.

I have filtered lots of people out of my life who were main offenders of these things I mention. And I continue to do so. I continue to wrestle with social media and swear I will quit it over and over. But when I interact with my fellow diamond diggers, I forget the people that only focus on the anger and it makes it worth it. Plus, I need it as a "tool" for my work. I deal with it, essentially. But when I find those with me on the journey, it makes it all go away. So cheers to those who are the diggers and not the slingers.

Just a thought for your day as you interact. So off you go into the world. Do you keep focusing on the things wrong with your little world, or do you start digging with us? You are invited. Because while you are ranting about things that don't matter at all, people are beating you to the punch and you'll always be running to catch up and bitter that you didn't make it. You never flew. You just got stuck in the mud... Like a stick. Forgettable. Insignificant and in the way of someone else's path.

Keep searching. \m/ (and I say all of this with peace and love, peace and love)


Wednesday, April 09, 2014

New Stuff and Goings On

Hey everyone! Some new copic samples for ya. Mostly Doctor Who related.

This week I re-submitted ANNA POCALYPSE to Ka-Blam. Reason being when my books were shipped, a couple of them were damaged in the package. Also one of the narration fonts was not embedded and came out different. Its not too bad but they offered to reprint the entire order for me for free if I sent them new files. So I took advantage of the situation and went back on the advice of the podcast review I got last week from GEEK LIFE and played a bit with the hue saturation on the pages. So the colors are a bit dimmer and not so "on the nose" as it was in the first print run. Also fixed a couple minor things such as a few right eyes being too high on the page, again on their suggestion. SO, I should have those redux issues in the next couple weeks. However, they are letting me keep these previous ones, so the book is still available. Not to say the version I have is bad at all, so don't worry. I'm just glad Ka-blam is being cool about it. And now I can make the colors somewhat "match" what will come in ANNA 2. The color pallate in ANNA 2 will be much different than ANNA 1. Because I've learned a lot in the years since I first published the book. You'll see.

Meanwhile, I am working on new pieces for con season and maybe a couple new print ideas. I will be giving away free prints to anyone who buys books at my table. Also gearing up for FREE COMIC BOOK DAY on May 3rd at Clem's Comics in downtown Lansing, MI. I will be at the table from 11-2pm at least and possibly a bit after. Come see me!

We did some spring cleaning around the house and did a crapload of laundry. My oldest son came to visit and we had a great time as well. Now life returns to normal and I am busy trying to score new clients for commission work to keep me afloat. Things have sorta got slow in this first quarter and book sales are sorta so-so as well. Now that I got Mayhem at the printer and off my plate, plus the reprints of Anna, Pleasant Life and I got the Artbook done, I can focus on everything else now. Prints, new art pieces, coloring better, Starslam pages, and then finally ANNA 2! And somewhere in there finish this Porn Store book. (Also for the fans of the ADULT section of, I am planning more PORN WORLD WEEKLY strips. Just give me time on them, thanks.)

SO: Shit is crazy around here. Lets keep up the pace and keep crack-a-lackin!

Cheers, T

Saturday, April 05, 2014

20 Years Gone - Kurt Cobain

I wanna take a moment outside my usual goings on here at IH headquarters to salute a date that for me still burns. It was 20 years ago today that Kurt Cobain left this world. How, I'll leave to the skeptics and the realists. We don't want to believe he was a coward and could do such a chickenshit thing to leave this world via a suicide. For some of us, he was an "idol." I know, hard to believe me thinking that now, 20 years on. Cause although I considered him, the music, his attire part of me and my life back then, I have moved on to other things. Different bands I love more. New music that reached me even more than Nirvana did. BUT, I never forgot Nirvana. IN UTERO remains in my personal top 10 of all time. I still own and read all the books collecting articles on the band and the man. I still listen to the bootlegs and get excited to read any new snippit of info about Kurt or the band. It just still is very alive in my brain and probably always will be.

When you compare Kurt to what many consider the "greats" like Lennon, Hendrix, etc... he does pale in comparison. Yeah so he wrote some songs that shifted interest into a genre of music from a specific location for a while and he couldn't handle it. And then he turned into being a junkie and then did the stupidist thing a person could do with the gift of life and we were left behind going, "what the fuck?" And we still are searching for answers. All this week, "new photos" from the Cobain suicide scene have been released. Some showing various parts of his body, the suicide note, the heroin box, etc. We're just obsessed with the thing. We don't want to believe that he would do that to us. And believe me, part of me questions it all still. But really its because we don't want to believe someone who made good art couldn't handle this thing called life. So instead of feeling pissed that we aren't getting any more art from him, we obsess over a dream that he was taken from us. I get it. And when I reflect on the music, I'm right there with you. Listening to a Nirvana song now since 1994, there looms a deep shadow. The reminder, that... "oh yeah."

As a teenager I was OBSESSED with the band. For a couple years after 1994, I always took April 5th off and listened to every Nirvana album all the way through. I'd burn incense, sometimes....a joint, and strum along to songs I knew. It was the first time I felt loss as a teen. A sort of generational thing that is hard to describe, but everyone at some point, does feel. Someone they loved in pop culture dies and they get locked in time to that moment. For some today, it was people like Amy Winehouse or the dude from Fast & Furious. Thats why I get it when the kids get crazy over it. Cause I did back in 94. Sometimes I tell the story of my obsession over the band and people will give me shit about it. And it is sort of silly. But in the end, it was for me... no one else.

I missed most of Nirvana due to location. We had moved to southern Illinois in 1991 and I missed "Teen Spirit." In South Illinois, there were no rock stations. None at all. And not MTV. Only VH1. So when I returned in 93, In Utero had just come out and I had missed the most of it. But I discovered In Utero through a friend and became obsessed with that band. My first major band obsession. I don't know what appealed to me about the album. Just the feeling in the music spoke to me at the time. And it still gets to me. For me, it literally is a time machine to listen to that album. I'm 15 again, every time. Throughout the years I collected every bootleg I could of live shows, rare tracks, etc. Then the big box set came out and before it, the great "unreleased song" I kept hearing about. It was called You Know You're Right. I heard it for the first time and I remember the line: "I'll never speak a word again, I will crawl away for good." It hit me hard. And I knew this was the last bit I would ever get. The teenage me was gone for good.

But I was wrong. Recently I was dreaming and I dreamt that they found hidden tapes of demos and acoustic recordings that Kurt had done with the intention of releasing. I heard this song play in my dream and it was called "Always a Stranger." And I swear it sounded real. Like a real Kurt song. Same patterns, same chords together that just made sense. That THAT VOICE.... I woke up and toyed with capturing it via a recording, the chords and verses fresh in my mind still. I entertained the silly idea that perhaps there is a life beyond this life and this was the universe reaching me back for my loyalty and giving me a track of music and I should share it. But I felt silly about it and decided the song should only play in one place: My head. Its my song, as stupid as it seems. But I like the thought of it. Its just a bit more comfort to me in the overall story.

So here it is, 20 years later. I'm older and not angry anymore. I love other bands more. But no matter what/who you move on to, no matter what you do, part of you will never forget your first time. Your first kiss. Your first crush. Your first band that you loved. That song that spoke to you and only you. Other people won't get it, but thats fine, because its not for them. Its for you. And as I reflect on 20 years, it only seems like yesterday. The news is real in my head, as is the music... old and new. And I'll never forget and I'll carry it with me always. Its part of me. Its all of me. All in all is all we are.

BTW, I still have my flannel and sweaters. I don't wear them often, but I still have em.


Thursday, April 03, 2014

ANNA POCALYPSE Reviewed on Indie Comics Podcast!

For those who want to hear a great, great, GREAT and deeply in depth review of my graphic novel, ANNA POCALYPSE, check out this great audio from the Geek Life Podcast! Available on Itunes to subscribe or listen to it on their site right HERE - The guys dissected the hell out of the books, stating what they liked, didn't like, what could be improved and more! Probably the most in depth review I have ever had. A solid hour of talking about little ol' me and this fun book I put together. WOW! I really appreciate the time they put into this review. Beyond awesome!

And if you are new here and listened to their podcast and came here, THANK YOU!!! And feel free to order a copy of Anna Pocalypse and see preview pages right HERE


In other news, I am doing sketches in books ordered online. Today I did a TNG Zombie themed sketch for someone in my Artbook:

If you don't have a copy of the ARTBOOK, order one now right HERE - All books ordered from my store gets a FREE SKETCH inside!!

The wife is on vacation and the kids are on Spring Break, so this week the house will be full and we'll see how sick we can get of each other! I hope the weather stays nice and we can all get some spring cleaning done around here. Its raining today, but the snow is nice and melted away. I am also going to start packing up artwork to sell on the site and at conventions that are coming up.

And I got my time for FREE COMIC BOOK DAY set up at Clem's Comics in Downtown Lansing. Its the first Saturday in May from 11-2pm. Its possible I will be there beyond that time, but I am guaranteed to be there at least during then. I'll have copies of my books, prints, cards, sketches and original art. I will take commissions at the show but its best to order one ahead of time and pick it up at the show. To order one, simply EMAIL ME HERE and request what you want and pay ahead of time, then pick it up from me there. I mostly do quick sketches for kids on FCBD only and it does get busy so time might get away from me to take on too much there. So best to order ahead of time. But I am looking forward to it! Clems Comics always takes great care of us!

Lastly, Don't forget Cherry Capital Con in Traverse City, MI on May 23-25th. I'll be there all weekend.

Thanks folks! Now go listen to that ANNA review!!

Cheers, T