Thursday, November 27, 2014

Holiday Deals!!!

Hey folks, I am having a holiday book/Commission sale THIS WEEKEND ONLY for the holiday season. Time to stock up on my books or a commission of art for a gift! Supplies are limited so it may sell out fast! ACT QUICK! Otherwise, sale ends Monday at 11:59pm.

Wednesday, November 26, 2014

Kickstarter: LAST DAY!

Hey everyone. Sorry for the lack of updates in a week and change. Been busy! Kids have Thanksgiving week off and thus, I don't get use of my computer all day! This past weekend I took a surprise trip 8 hours south to southern Illinois to see my folks. My step-mom is having some issues with her cancer and so I thought they could use a nice surprise visit, even though it was very short. But I am back after a crazy couple days of driving and no-sleep. Last week also, I was 100% focused on getting my Marvel cards done and out the door. I got two more sets coming I gotta work on, but I got time on them.

For now, lets talk STARSLAM!!!

As of this writing, there's less than 26 hours left. Home stretch. We're now at almost $2700!!!! FAR FAR beyond what I asked for initially. I am really blown away by the support for this book. And best for me, about 95% of the people pledging are people I don't know! So I am gaining new readers with this Kickstarter Project, which is what this whole thing is about.

Crunching the numbers: After I pay for printing and shipping costs, I will not clear much for personal funds. Maybe around $500. I didn't think I'd have to ship so many books. Also, I neglected to charge extra for overseas shipping. But I am happy as hell to eat the cost on it so that people can read my stuff. The fact that they checked me out at all means the world to me. So NO COMPLAINTS at all on my end! This whole thing was about getting new eyes on my stuff and this certainly has done that!

The book is 110% done and waiting for launch day. I got my files in my drop box, ready to place my order with Greko printing. All is set. And guess what else... This last week, I started work on STARSLAM #2!!!

Today I pencilled page nine. So I am already NINE PAGES into it! The sequel will come soon. Don't want to rush it. But I can say its bigger and bolder than the first one. Real good stories and tons of sexy time in it. And to those waiting on other stuff from me: Its still coming. But after the instant success of STARSLAM Book #1, I just had to rush work on starting a sequel. I had the outline of a script already but I fleshed it out after I got initial funding and started thumbnailing and researching. This week, I started on it. I want to stay ahead of the game. So sometime next year, I will launch another Kickstarter for STARSLAM 2, and it will (hopefully) be as successful as the first one! We shall see. One thing at a time.

I urge you all to jump in on this book. Join the kickstarter for Starslam by choosing your reward right HERE - It is done tomorrow night at 10pm. The perfect end to Thanksgiving!!

I want to thank everyone who their notes, RT's, pledges and kind words during the last 30 days. I especially have to toss out thanks to people like Dean Stahl, Brett Pinson and Tim Fischer, all who helped me out greatly in the production of this book. I couldn't have done it without you! Starslam started as a whim idea back in 2008. It was rejected twice at SDCC by two erotica publishers. It was a webstrip that sort of failed to get lots of readers to the site. I didn't have any way to reach out. But Kickstarter has done it for me. I have gained an audience. I hope I earn them by delivering a good book that they all enjoy! I look ahead to all the books I gotta personally sketch, sign, include commissions in and all that, and its quite overwhelming! But I am excited as hell to start on it! Thank you all!

Lets drive this baby home!

Cheers, T

Monday, November 17, 2014


Hey folks. Just enjoying some cold weeks up here in Michigan as the snow begins to start.

Its getting me in the holiday spirit. We already partially decorated the house a bit for Xmas. Sue me. I didn't get to enjoy Xmas much at all as a kid. Being raised as a Jehovah's Witness sucked! I didn't celebrate Xmas from the age of 9-16 or so. So I missed out on a lot. Making up for it now.

Scott is making excellent progress in his schooling. He's getting better at writing his letters:

James is hanging out at home a lot with me too:

And when we're not doing that, we're working on the STARSLAM KICKSTARTER, which expires in 10 days. Be sure to pledge and preorder the book!

I've completed the script for Starslam book #2. I will start pencilling on it this week after I finish doing some Marvel cards for Upper Deck. Excited about this script. Its gonna be a doozy! Also I am gonna redo some of the already done Anna Pocalypse 2 pages. I'm working on BOTH BOOKS AT THE SAME TIME!!!! I must be insane. But I promised the book to be done and done it shall be!

Anyway folks, just checking in. Hope all is going well for everyone. Be safe out there my droogies!


Thursday, November 13, 2014


Well folks, we've got around 14 days left on the STARSLAM KICKSTARTER pre-order for my NINTH graphic novel. We're around $1,700 raised. Almost SIX TIMES THE AMOUNT I ASKED FOR!!!!!!! Unreal. Let's keep it going! I want to give out some of this original art from the book!

The book is 100% in the can. All I am doing now is waiting for a pal of mine to use his Acrobat program to put the digital book files into one big PDF and we're ready to go. I wanted to share the covers to you all:

This is for the PDF version that will all be horizontal.

This is the print version which will stand vertical, but will be read horizontal. You'll have to tip your book to the side like a Playboy spread to read the pages.
I've got the chance to re-read STARSLAM a few more times over the past couple weeks and man, I am damn proud of this book. Not only is it a great accomplishment in my art career, and a runaway success on Kickstarter, but it is a great piece of pornography. Its not dark and seedy or scary like some other books I've read. I had one girl who is an avid reader of mine email me saying she wanted to support the book but was scared it would be all "rapey." I assured her that it is not and gave her a look at the files. Its not a dark book. If anything, it celebrates sex. It comes from a sex-positive mindset, like I've said all along. Its from the female perspective and its celebrating that females can be just as horny as guys can. Cause its true!

Don't be left out on this historical time in my career! Pledge to my KICKSTARTER for STARSLAM!!! It ends November 28th and your cash will be taken at that point. But jump in now. Some of the rewards have limits on them. On the original page options, I'm allowing you to pick the page you want! But you gotta act quick on it. Cause once its gone, its gone.

For those opting out of the Kickstarter but want it later on, I will have it available on my regular online store too, both the digital and the physical version. I haven't decided on pricing yet. But the best option is to take the plunge and do it now. I MIGHT have books of it with me at upcoming shows, but it will be limited due to the fact that some shows frown on showcasing pornographic comics. So bare that in mind.

Okay folks, thats all I gotta plug today. I'm just soooo excited about this book! Its my ninth graphic novel and I am celebrating its success, BIGTIME! I hope you will join me.

Cheers, T

Wednesday, November 12, 2014

Crowdfunding, Floyd and Other Such Things...

Hey folks. Just got done reading a great article by the great Amanda Fucking Palmer. Check it out HERE - She's got a book out this week and I'll get it when I can. Its called "The Art of Asking" and it discusses her days as a street performer, musician, artist and her recent crowd funding methods. I always love her music and read her blog weekly. I find her one of the "good guys," One of those folks who just inspire me and remind me of the path I am on.

Everything in the creative fields is in flux. Musicians can barely make it now. Filmmakers are constantly getting their films put online and stolen. I'm sure video games feel that to an extent too. Everything is out there and we're taking it. Giving nothing back. We keep ourselves amused and forget those who make it. It hurts someone like me, who look passionately at people like artists, musicians and filmmakers as they feel this struggle too. No one has an answer. We're all trying to figure it out. The big bands try things and get nailed for it. Anything new that is tried is immediately slapped down from the collective snark of the world.

It is with these fears that I sit in my little shallow part of the creative ocean, afraid to lift anchor and move to deeper waters. Because its a struggle. Its a hard life to make things work. How can little old me make ripples in the water and get people to see me? We're all trying to figure that out. And when we fail and drown, its embarrassing. But sometimes lightning strikes and we're given a thumbs up. Finally, a great idea and a proper decision made. I wrote STARSLAM, an erotic comic back in 2008 and pitched it at San Diego 2009 and it fell flat on its face. I shelved it. I brought it back as a webcomic. It didn't get the numbers. I was going to shelve it again but I felt strongly about the work. I knew this was a story that had to get out. If not for the world, but for me. I was reacting strongly against all the other porn comics I was seeing out there, and being hired for. I wanted to contribute GOOD pornography to the world. I felt the world needed it. But to put it out is a fear of exposure. Would people think me a freak? Would people percieve me differently? What about those close to me? I was fearful of all of it. People will laugh and think me different. But I took a shot anyway and tossed it on Kickstarter. I busked. I asked people. I just wanted to see who was out there and who would see me.

The response was overnight. I made the $300 I asked for within 24 hours. If I only got just that amount, I would have been happy. It wouldn't have covered my costs at all, but I would have accepted it. I always do. My pre-sales of any book I have ever done or released have never made more than $300. Never. I presell maybe 10-30 books when I release one. Never more than that. Today on the STARSLAM kickstarter, I am at $1,595... and I got 15 days left.

To someone like me, this is a massive success. So far I got 67 backers, about 95% of them are people I don't know and have never met. Maybe I never will in person. They are reaching out to me and saying "I like this guy. I like the idea. I want to read it." and they plunk their hard earned down to read my story and see my art. I'm damn grateful and goddamn proud of all of this. I'm in awe every morning when I wake up and check my email to see that there are new backers waiting. Someone else new found me and is backing me up. And I'm going to give my art to them. Its the give and take with artists and the observers that make art worth doing. There is no end all-be all meaning behind the art. Everything is about the person who comes to observe it and what they get out of it. But the reflection of trust and support to the artists effects us greatly, I assure. I am now proof of "success" with crowdfunding and I am gaining new confidence and new readers.

I hope folks get STARSLAM and they read it and fall in love with it. Because I got plenty more for them. I have other comics like Pleasant Life and Anna Pocalypse. I got years and years of blogs and podcasts. I have live appearances, Marvel-Dc-StarWars Sketch Cards, live art, old art... all cataloged and ready to be dissected by anyone who comes along and discovers me. I've been preparing for this moment. I've been slow burning myself for all this time and I'm ready for people to see it all.

I know that after the dust settles and STARSLAM is out in everyone's hands that its up to me to dream it up again. I will work on the next books, the next card set, the next con appearance. It will never stop. The climb continues. I have to make this career work. But the great push of support I've got for STARSLAM really has me jazzed for the future more than ever. I've finally done something right! I've opened myself up to the idea of crowdfunding and let go of the old ways of doing things. I no longer measure myself by those old standards. Its this, all the way. I will be out there supporting myself more. I will continue to work hard. I'll keep releasing, providing and sweating it all out. And giving my all in every project to come.


Because I don't know what else to do. Art and creativity is all I have. Its the only thing thats never let me down. Its all I am good at. I love the journey of improving and learning. I love finding new friends to support and learn with. This is the life I want. I will never stop going. I will die with a pencil in my hand.

I have you folks to thank. Let's keep rockin' and rollin'! We've got 15 days left on my STARSLAM KICKSTARTER so let's make it count! And for those of you out there with an idea and a fear like I had, forget it. Reach out and just ask the universe for what you want. Sometimes, if you are lucky, you'll get your answer.


Okay, enough inspirational stuff. Lets get to my PINK FLOYD "THE ENDLESS RIVER" REVIEW! First off, admittedly, I am grading it on a curve... but I gotta say I loved it. I have listened to the lead single "Lounder than Words" about 20 times and it ranks among the best of the Gilmour-led era. I didn't get my hopes up too much with this album and it really is sort of like hearing demos recorded in 1993. And thats fine. Its an album you sort of have to turn on, dim the lights and just immerse in. A musical journey. But all the best Floyd songs are like that. If you are expecting quick .99¢ singles on Itunes, forget it. This is for album lovers. For hardcore Floyd fans especially. It calls back to all periods of Floyd history. You can hear bits of Welcome to the Machine or Atom Heart Mother in parts of it. Its even got an organ part recorded in 1968. It really is good. I've read bitchings online about how its a dissapointment or it sucks. To those folks, I feel pity for. I don't think anyone can enjoy anything anymore. The snark and the pre-judging have clouded their ability to simply just like something. It is sad to me. Would I rank THE ENDLESS RIVER among the Floyd's best? No. But I am damn grateful to have it. And I head an interview with Nick Mason where he's saying more is coming. Archival/Anthology type of stuff. It excites me.

Pink Floyd is my favorite band of all time. I never dreamed I'd get a new record from them at all. Its been 20 years since the last one. And although this was majorly made in 1993, it still feels fresh. It feels like music I enjoy today. I cannot stop spinning this disc and I'm sure as I keep dissecting it, I will get even closer to it. Thanks Dave, Nick and Rick for one last journey! This was an album release for me!! And im damn grateful.

Grade: A-

Monday, November 10, 2014


Hey folks! Hope all is well. I wanted to remind you all of what I got currently out there for sale and going on. My KICKSTARTER for STARSLAM is at the halfway point. Don't miss out on this pre-order to get your PDF or physical copy, along with art and more! Choose your reward and pay on Nov. 28th! My Kickstarter and details are all right HERE

 If you want a book that is currently available, You can get my ARTBOOK that collects 140 pages worth of my best work from 1994-2014. Celebrates 20 years of my hard work in comics and illustration! Comics, college art, tons of unseen stuff and more! Every book ordered comes with a FREE SKETCH INSIDE! $25. Order it right HERE

And don't forget my super violent, post-apocalyptic graphic novel: ANNA POCALYPSE! 84 pages of hardcore blood and guts! Each book ordered comes with an ANNA sketch inside. Order her right: HERE


I've been getting emails about Kickstarter and Commissions. I AM taking commissions, and if you want pricing and info, go right HERE


Overall, decent week. Could always be better. Waiting on some freelance checks to arrive. (tap tap) Anyday now!! I hope you folks are having a good week!!

Cheers, T

Saturday, November 08, 2014

A peek inside my closet

In my office I have a nice walk-in storage closet and its rarely clean. Thought I'd take some pics and share what lurks inside and what collectibles I got in there that I don't have nicely displayed in my office.

Looking at the Right Side of the room, I got my stack of comics, some bins of storage and this is where I hang Scott-bot's school clothes. Other tubs and spare chairs are storage. Behind that are painting and big drawings I did back in college.

On the left side is a printer I got from a friend that I need some stuff to set up for. Then I hang my clothes in there, as the wife uses ALL the upstairs ones. Then a couple tubs full of original art pages and sketches. Also got a spare VCR and DVD RECORDER.

Above my VCR storage I got a bunch of card and board games. Necessary for when we have guests over.

In the middle, more games and model kits I haven't had time to finish. Also my NES and games.

Back on the left are some books and dvds that the kids can't keep their grubby mitts off of, so I keep them in there. Also my back issue storage. So if you order books from the online store, this is where they come from. I also have more books in a storage tub. Above there is VHS storage and other old books and things.

I have 4-5 long boxes of comics now. I used to have around 12! The pink tubs have my mom's blankets that she crocheted in them, as well as old tax forms and clothes for when James gets older. One tub is full of back up file discs, cassettes, toys, etc.
So there ya go. A nice look at my deep, dark closet. No skeletons in there.... that you can see!

Thanks for coming back folks. More art and news coming soon. Cheers!