Thursday, October 30, 2014

The Return of the DAILY DIARY posts!

(folks, I do this type of daily diary post from time to time. Its a good wake up writing exercise for me. Plus it lets you know how I spend my days. So I will continue to share them. Enjoy my boring day to day life doings... )

Friday – I am up at 630 thanks to scott-bot. I get him ready and on the bus. The wife takes off for a meeting in Hastings. I finish and labeled the colors on Starslam the night before so I make a blog about it promoting its progress. James gets up and we play summersault and watch BabyFirstTV until 3 when the wife gets home. I cook a meal of homemade taters and Chicken Dumplings (her favorite). Bots gets home just as the food is done and we eat hearty. I play more with James and both kids head to bed early. The wife takes a nap during this and then heads to the gym. I am in the mood to have a few beers and watch some comedy with her but she returns and isn’t into it. She heads to bed. I finish off my beer and then head to bed in defeat. I pass out at 10:30 to Munsters on my Netflix phone.

Saturday – Up at 730 thanks to bots. Wife works 10am-8pm. I do a blog about leaving my dayjob and I watch MSU destroy UofM with bots playing pillow fight with me. I clean the fuck out of the stove, cabinets and do a few loads of laundry. Time to start celebrating my reinstated job as house husband full time! I put James down for a nap and attempt one on the floor. Bots is too loud so it doesn’t take. I watch a couple episodes of THE SHATNER PROJECT (so-so) and then get James up. We play with crayons for a long while and skim some more college ball games here and there until they both get tired and pass out. Wife comes home and then heads back out for ice cream and to get Poppy some bones. She gets back and I eat half my small container, stopping myself before I go crazy. She heads to bed and I head to the gas station for my last shift ever. I arrive and they are amazed I even showed, as most don’t ever show on their last day. I guess I’m too much of a man of my word. Some would call a wuss, I guess. I do my shift and its quiet as fuck. I enjoy the idea that I will never come back, but I do put in an honest nights worth of work and I do all my stuff on the TO DO list. I leave at 3:30 for the last time and head home. I head up to bed and am out like a light by 3:55am.

Sunday – I get up at 8:40am. The wife mercilessly lets me sleep in a little bit since I worked late into the night. She heads to work for a 10-8 shift and I deal with a very hyper bots and James. I watch the Lions play starting at 9:30am. They are losing 21-0 by the first quarter so I switch to HBO and watch some of Dave Grohl’s new documentary series called SONIC HIGHWAYS. It ends up being quite good. I switch back to catch the middle of the 3rd quarter and then watch the Lions catch back up in the 4th. I’m texting back and forth with Shane who is on the edge of his seat too. I make some tuna and put James down for a nap. I watch the Lions kick a long field goal in the final seconds to win big time. I jump up and down in celebration. Finally, a great win for my team. Usually it goes the other way.

I curl up for a nap on the floor but bots is being super loud. After repeated pleas for quiet, he heads into my office to watch videos and I doze off for 30 minutes. I get back up and help him with his ipod games. I attempt a recording of the Morning Show Podcast but he is so loud in the background that I abort the whole idea and delete what I recorded. I get James up and I start typing out the new diary blog. I text wife hoping she’s up for spending time with me tonight maybe watching a movie. She says she’s into watching something horror related to celebrate Halloween. I agree. She gets home just as James is pouring my flavored water on the couch while I am in the bathroom. He was an absolute terrible two today!!!! I put the sleeping Scott-bot to bed and the wife puts James to bed. We decide to order a pizza which arrives 45 minutes late and cold. Bad idea all around. We watch the first 30 minutes of LEPRECHAUN which I have never seen. Its so goddamn awful and unfunny, and the Netflix somehow has the audio sync’d wrong that we just decide to abort it and watch Simpsons Treehouse of Horror episodes I got on a flash drive. We eat a bit and then head to bed. The wife wants a backrub and I broker a deal to give her an extended one in exchange for me sleeping in come morning. But that eventually leads to some sweet (yada yada) I go to sleep very happy.

Monday – I wake up at 7am due to the wife’s alarm to get Scott-bot ready for school. I play some of my Family Guy game and decide to just get up and start work on Starslam. After putting Scott on the bus, the wife heads to Walmart for carpet cleaner and bots lunch stuff, so I record a podcast while she’s gone. I get to work writing word balloons, updating blog and downloading the weekly podcasts. I get about 5 pages in when the wife wants to go out again to get some paper. We get James up and head to Walmart and then East Lansing to trade in some records for cash. Then we hit Five Guys for some small lunch. They have fruit punch for me, which is why I chose there. I am still off soda for 4 months! We get done and I hit the Best Buy for the computer paper we need and we head home. I call the Courthouse to see why a payment hasn’t been made to my son’s account and it turns out I am OVER paid on what is owed! (A rarity in my life) So they schedule a disbursement for November. The wife prints out our paperwork needed for Scott-bot’s income stuff and mails it off.

I shower and then write my oldest son a letter and pack it up. I do some more editing photos for the Kickstarter video and then head to my old job to pick up my last check and drop off my uniforms. I get back and the wife heads to the gym. I play with both the kids and then they both hit the bed. The wife returns from the gym and showers. We curl up on the couch drinking beers and watching Bill Burr, Patton Oswalt and then the last few minutes of the MNF Cowboys vs. Redskins game. Redskins pull it out and it’s a fun watch. We retire to bed where we (yada yada) and I am passed out by 1am.

Tuesday – I am woke up by bots at 6:20am and put bots on the bus. I attempt to go back to sleep but the dog wants out. So back downstairs I go and while she’s doing her business, I sort through a bunch of random papers piled up on my desk. I let her back in and I head back upstairs to go to sleep. The wife gets up and hits the gym. I sleep for another two hours, waking myself up from a horrible dream around 9:40. Wife is home and has James up. I get up and chat with Dean online, as he just lost his job. I encourage him to go for unemployment and pursue some art as a career choice. I finish editing photos to finish the Kickstarter video.

My old pal Chris stops by and we chat for around 30 minutes, catching up. He takes off and I keep working on the video. The wife puts James to nap and goes to her work to do some computer stuff. I get bots off the bus and cook him some lunch. The wife returns home only to head back out to get groceries. She gets back and I cook myself some dinner. She goes to Five Below to buy Scott-bot a Halloween Costume for School and then back out to the gym to lift weights. I put James and Scott to bed. Then watch some of DRACULA HAS RISEN FROM THE GRAVE and the newest WALKING DEAD. I set up some other horror movies to record off of TCM. The wife hits the bed and I stay up finishing the build on the Starslam kickstater. I launch it and start promoting at every site I can think of. I record a podcast talking about it as well. Fingers and mind tired as hell, I pass out around midnight.

Wednesday – I wake up at 7:40am, my alarm didn’t go off and Scott didn’t come wake me up like he normally does. I call the bus to apologize for not being there at drop off time and get both kids ready. I take Scott to school and finally meet his teacher briefly. I get back home and check email. I got two new backers for the Kickstarter. I do some more plugs online and then learn from Kat that our old pal at the strip club Brian passed away.  I do a few postings and a podcast about him and the memories I have of the dude.

I play with James and he colors in his books while I listen to some Stern and clean up the house. James goes down for a nap and so do I. Around 3:40 I wake up and check the mail. Nothing good and so I check email. I have five new backers for the Kickstarter! Off to a nice start. Scott-bot gets off the bus and he’s extremely moody at first. But a personal pizza and a drink calm him down. James gets up and he’s moody at first but he eats then he feels better. We’re playing with pens and summersaults until the wife comes home. I inform her that I am more than 2/3rds funded on Kickstarter. She’s thrilled! She plays with James and I throw the bird around for little Poppy dog, and then James goes to bed.

The wife hits the gym and I put Scotty to bed. I shoot out emails and updates relating to Kickstarter and make some stretch goals on the site. I chat with Nick about possibly getting together on Friday night for drinks and cards. He confirms. My Halloween night is planned! I scan old Starslam stuff for extras for the book and then work on a rough outline for what would be book #2, as some ideas popped in my head to help hone my original outline together. Starslam is completely on my mind at this point and I am jazzed about its success! The wife comes home and then hits the bed. I work on a full outline for Starslam #2. I get it done and then edit it twice and then fix some pacing here and there. I emerge by midnight with a drawable script that really has me jazzed to start working on it immediately. But patience. Patience… I pass out around 1am.

Tuesday, October 28, 2014


We've done it folks! STARSLAM is LIVE on Kickstarter and can be viewed right HERE

I am very very very proud of this damn book. Its gonna be amazing. I'm putting the finishing touches together now and its gonna be amazing. 99% in the can as we speak. But for now, the Kickstarter is launched.

There's options to get the book as a PDF, a physical copy of the book, Commissions, Write a story for the characters option and more! I might have unlocked goals too if the KS is mega successful. But lets get over this first hump, shall we?

For those that like Superhero Parody, and a bit of erotica/pornography, this book is for you.

STARSLAM is a 130+ page graphic novel story that is both Superhero Parody and a work of pornography. The story stars Bethany Hofferman, a girl who was born with superhuman abilities. After being outed as a person with powers, she dons a costume and dedicates her life to fighting crime alongside those of her kind. Eventually she takes the notice of the "DEFENDERS OF EARTH," a team of superheroes who take her under their wing. After joining the team she (for the first time) develops a relationship with a superhero. Finally, she is able to achieve sexual satisfaction that has eluded her. But unknown to her, when she does achieve it, she releases a toxin in the air that effects all who have the superhero gene. The toxin makes them "super horny" and thus, chaos ensues! Bad guys and her teammates are both effected. It puts her life and her superhero public profile in jeopardy. Can Starslam and her new team of friends battle the bad guys and her own personal problems in time? Or will her newly discovered powers unravel the world of the super beings? In this book, you will find out!!

Written and self published by 20 year self publishing veteran, ADAM TALLEY (, this new 130+ page graphic novel is a bold step into telling a story from a sex positive aspect.

Check out my Kickstarter and consider pre-ordering the book (or some art!) right HERE

Saturday, October 25, 2014

My Last Day....

Well here I am again. Its the last day of me working a day job. I'm quitting for a variety of reasons. First of all, our money situation (although still not perfect) will soon be better. My freelance work has increased by 1000%. I'm quitting since its a night job I am tired and moody all the time - Meaning I snap at the kids and everything sets me off. Its not human. I work with some co-workers who are the most miserable souls I have ever encountered in my life. The wife's job is so unpredictable with scheduling and it makes the bulk of our money, that to have to worry around me and my odd sleep needs/job needs, that its all too much to juggle. I would like to focus more on the kids' health and my own and keep the household in order. But mostly, to get back to being the real me.

I took a few months off due to depression and just decided to hunker down and focus on working a regular job again. I hated art and writing. I just burned myself out. Our bills were piling up. I just needed to disconnect. But in the end, I found out that the path I was on is the only one that works for me. I am too angry, bitter and my eyes are too open to the bigger picture to deal with the punch clock world. There was a twinge of embarrassment with it. Like if I had to take a day job, I was "admitting defeat" with my work. Like I am a failure. I didn't "make it." And it still is in flux. Every creative job is, really. We all don't know how to monotize what we do.

But monitization, while super important, cannot be the main focus. When I'm flat on my back for the last time, money will never matter. What will matter is how I've lived. What I did. What I left behind. How I contributed to the big book of humanity.

This is about living the life we want. Doing what we are good at and are meant to do. All my life all I've ever had going for me was my art. It comforted me. It helped me. It was my friend when I was at my lowest. Its personal. Its professional. And I twisted it into this huge monster of a thing that no longer served me. I put focus on things of unimportance and I dwelled into the idea that I was a failure because I hadn't achieved this or that, or this other thing. It was becoming a toxic relationship and I just needed to stop and decide what it was I really wanted. I needed myself and my creativity to go to couple's therapy, if you like. So I entered the workforce. But all the while I still worked here and there on minor things. The dreams continued. The plans kept swirling. And slowly the real me returned. I knew I still had the love in me and it never dimmed. I just piled all of this other shit on top of it and lost the focus. Meanwhile, the actual dayjob itself showed me right away that I wasn't meant for it. I hated every second I was there. The job itself wasn't bad and the boss was great to deal with. But everything else that went with it made me dread going. I wasn't myself. It wasn't my world. I was a square peg in a round world. A puzzle piece to a completely other picture being made.

I wanted to do right by my new boss so I made a break when I thought it was safe to do so. Instantly, it became not good to do so. I felt guilty, but I stayed true. I just know its time to go. I do feel bad they are a bit up shit creek now that I will be gone, but as demonstrated to me many times --- In the punch clock world, I am easily replacable. All my struggles didn't matter. People and places go on without me, and me making it so much more important than what it really was a wake up. I drive by places I've worked sometimes and I think about the times I spent there. The people I dealt with. Sometimes I miss those days. But they are over. I move on down the trail. I'll never see those people again. And the struggle has ended. I'm back to square one, just me and what I want. The life I want.

Its back up to me now to make this work. I know now I cannot return to the world of the punch clock. Everytime it just doesn't work. The winds tell me to give it up and go back to what I love. The other night I was talking to a trucker who stopped into the gas station. We were discussing guitars that he owned. He said he heard I was an artist. I showed him some of my work. He was blown away. He asked me if I went to college for my art. I said yes. Then he said the line that made the decision right in my head. "Well if that is your REAL job, and thats what you love to do, what are you doing working here?"

It comes up in my head a lot. If this is what I am meant to do, why am I burnin' daylight? Why don't I have the drive in me? Where's the rockets under my ass to get my shit done. I know what I have to do. Whats stopping me from doing it? Not a goddamn thing, except for the bullshit things I do to myself. So the next Monday, I put in my notice. And the last day is today. I'll go in and work my last shift and move on. Back to my real life. Back to what I am good at. Being a dad. Cleaning the house. Being an artist and writer. There's no shame in the life I have chose for myself. And its time I stop letting people shame me into what they think I should be doing. Fuck them. Fuck everything. I'm just gonna do what I do, how I do it. Come what may, I'm just gonna keep doing it. Keep moving forward.

I'm reminded of the very first page of my comic, Pleasant Life:

I got another 30-50 years on this planet left. Give or take a decade. I'm gonna live the life I want and raising a big middle finger to those who will stop me. I'm gonna pursue every stupid little whimsy I have to do something creative. I'm gonna take my kids out to experience the world more. I am gonna continue to make my wife and our home life happy.

I am proud of the last 20 years of work. I have so many comics, music, movies and people in my life that have shaped and changed me. I've created so much, met so many people, done so much... but its only begun. You haven't seen anything yet.

Watch me go.


Friday, October 24, 2014

Week's Progress plus STARSLAM IS DONE!

Finally, 6 years after its creation, the art of STARSLAM is finally completed. All 131 pages. Finished. El finito! I finished coloring the last page last night and I cannot be happier with its outcome. Here are some teaser pics of some of the last pages....

Folks, I gotta say I am really really proud of this story. Sometimes while you are making something, it sort of looks odd and not complete. But once its done and coming together as you originally planned it a year or so before on a page, you realize that you were right all along. It really looks fucking amazing. I'm damn proud of this story and the work I did on it.

I'm not done yet though. I still have to put the word balloons on and PDF the last 61 pages. But that should be done very soon. Also soon will be the launch of the Kickstarter for the thing. This will be my first all digital comic push. However there will be a larger tier print version for those who need one. There will be options to get pages of art, do commissioned pieces and stories for the characters and more. I hope to launch that in November so it doesn't interfere with Xmas time.

I created STARSLAM back in 2008 and always intended this thing to be a big graphic novel. It went through many phases from getting rejected by publishers at SDCC 2009, to development hell, to an online webcomic and up till now. Its finally going to see the full light of day and people will see what I've been pushing for all this time. There's no greater feeling for me than that.

SO: This weekend and next week is word balloon time and I'll get this baby in the can. Also while making the Kickstarter and submitting it. Trust me, I'll let you all know when it goes live.

Also this next couple weeks, I am finishing the STAR WARS MASTERPIECES cards I have to finish. I am in the home stretch on those as well. And I gotta say this time folks, there's not really any bad cards in the bunch. I really took my time on these ones. I wanted to stay far enough ahead on them so that I wouldn't be into the last minute rush like I normally do on some card sets. Nothing on this is phoned in... not that I really do that much anyway. But sometimes some cards don't end up being my best. But these new SW cards are really my best work on them. Wait till you see them! I'll share when I am able to, publicly.

COMING UP - I will have a store signing in Lansing. A last minute "cleaning house" of old prints and products. It will be a collectors store here in the west side of the city. A date will be nailed down soon. Probably mid-November. After Starslam is in the can, its full on ANNA POCALYPSE 2. I am really ultimately deciding to save myself some time and just do the book in black and white. Would you folks mind? I have to redo some of the pages I have done as I am changing some characters around and changing some looks here and there. Plus taking another look at some of these pages makes me second guess some artistic decisions I made here and there. Thats a good thing. And during ANNA 2, I am working on four other card sets and a pinup book for con season. Also, designing new table stuff for con season, including a new backdrop. I'll probably auction off my old one when Anna 2 comes out. We'll see.

Anyway folks, HUGE stuff happening in my world. Thats all just the tip. Wait til you feel the full shaft! (ahem. Sorry.)

Cheers, T

Wednesday, October 22, 2014

STARSLAM is coming!!!!!!

Hey folks! Very very soon I will be announcing some news about Starslam, my first digital erotica superhero parody comic. I have a few irons to toss around and I gotta finish the book but the art is now completely done. At least 140 pages in total!

Im putting the call out to all my artist buddies. I have pinups from some folks as bonus material in it but theres always room for more! So i am offering a free download of the book to any artist who wants to do a pinup for the book. It would need to be done by the end of november. You can do a clean drawing or something a bit sexy. Help me celebrate a sex positive world by contributing to the project to make it more awesome!! If you are interested, EMAIL ME HERE asap!

This book is the culmination of over seven years worth of hard work and I cannot wait for everyone to see it in its completed form. As some of you know, I did have it on the site here as a free webcomic, but it always was intended to be read as a full graphic novel at some point. Now that point is close at hand. Within a couple weeks, I will launch a Kickstarter where people can contribute and get their copy and also get original art pages, make me draw your own story involving the characters, etc. Much more news to come very soon. For now, enjoy a peek at the front cover!

Cheers, T

Friday, October 17, 2014

Kickin' Ass and Chewing Bubblegum

...and I'm all out of bubblegum.

This month or so, I settled into a nice groove of daily work. I work in the morning after Scotty gets on the bus, then during James' naptime and then at night when the kids are asleep. Maybe a total of 8 hour work days at home. Feels extremely good to be back into a nice pattern of work. I've got so much done in the last couple weeks. Starslam pages are almost fully colored and ready to do word balloons. I finished coloring and resizing my con prints (new and some old), I started drawing a new pinup book for con season 2015 and I designed a new table layout. Also I am busy on a major card set for one of the big companies. I signed two contracts to do two more, so now I am on a total of FIVE card sets throughout the winter. I am going to be busy as fukkkkk.

I cannot tell you how good it feels to be in this groove. Over the summer as you well know, I was majorly derailed by depression, health and stress of everything around me. So much so, I wasn't even finding joy in doing artwork or anything creative anymore. I got to a very low and dark place. But I recognized this and got off the speed train for a bit to regroup. I wanted to see what it all meant for me now. Luckily, the feelings I was having dissolved and on the other side of the thinning fog in my brain I found that I still had the will and know-how to work again. I simply just lost my zeal for it all. I think what zapped me back into reality was writing a new PLEASANT LIFE script. I knew that I was going to do another book, but I need to clear the path to get to it. So one by one I started chipping away at the frozen ice wall of work I have to get done to get there. I am still a ways away, but I will get there. And as I drill down, I will release new stuff that I am just as excited about. Starslam (finally), Anna 2 (FINALLY), Card Sets, Pinup book and a few other things. And somewhere in there will be my porn store autobiography thingie.

Its not a struggle to sit down and get work done anymore. In fact, I look forward to it. Maybe I feel so great cause my health is coming back into order. I am down 35 pounds. I'm off soda completely for months now. I've even dropped caffeine. I went to a doctor and got a checkup (long overdue). My stats looks great. The dizziness I was experiencing has stopped. Maybe a side effect of dropping caffeine or something else, I have no idea. But glad its gone and I feel normal again. I'm just in a real good place and riding the wave again.

I put my notice in at my night job earlier this week. I don't really need the job anymore now that the wife makes more money at her new position and company. Also my freelance work is picking up. The job itself is fine, but adjusting my sleep and sleeping my days off away really sucks. The wife and I have barely seen each other and when I am dog tired, I am angry and snapping at everything and everyone. Not good. Throws my system out of whack. Also, some of the people I deal with are not a good or positive thing to be around. A lot of negativity sometimes. Not as seedy as some other jobs I've had, but just annoyingly angry and bitchy all the time. I have to cut off things that do not serve me. I thought tonight would be my last night but the new person they hired quit abruptly and now I am sort of stuck actually finishing out my two weeks, depending on wife's schedule.  So it goes, but I'll get through it. And when I do, full speed ahead on my REAL JOB!

What I've got coming up in the near future is the launch of the STARSLAM Kickstarter. Its likely the last Kickstarter I'll do for a while as I want to focus on some other funding sources and ideas. then I will have a local signing here in Lansing that we are working the details out on. Other than that, its just getting stuff done and paying off bills. Then saving money for 2015 convention travels. I really want to get back out on the road again. I miss it. I need to get out there again. But I want to bring a ton of shit to show with me. I'll show you all how busy I've been.

Very soon...

In other news, during my downtime I have been enjoying The Munsters on Netflix. I am really in love with that series. Also I got Marc Maron's book "Attempting Normal," which I am enjoying. I'm about halfway through it. Then I got Sean Yseult's White Zombie book next. All great shit!

Anyway folks, no worries. I'm in a good place now and back in the groove. Now go forth and kick some ass of your own! 

Luvs, T

Tuesday, October 14, 2014

New Prints!

Here are some newer prints for 2015 con season. I drew them a few months ago and were in various stages of coloring, but are now complete. Enjoy! Perfect for Halloween too!

Things are going great otherwise. Working hard on cards and STARSLAM pages. Busy busy!

Thanks for stopping by again!