Monday, September 15, 2014

Lonely Week pt 2 (Getting Back in Gear)

Hey folks. So begins week #2 of the wife being gone and I'm the main man in the house. I've spent most of my weekend working the day job, sleeping when I can and taking care of poor little Scotty, who battled the flu. I had a bad stomach virus on Friday/Saturday as well. I also spent times keeping the house clean, and cleaning up surprise messes like this:

Yeah, some laundry detergent spilled. Great!

I'm getting excited for the holiday season. So much so that I already decorated the house a bit for Halloween. James helped out too...

I forgot to mention that I did a show flyer for my pal Corey's band NAGAZI. You can see them at Rubbles in Mt. Pleasant coming up this Sept. 20th. 

But finally after weeks and weeks of domestic bliss, I am getting back into the swing of production. No more am I doing minor things about once a week. I am kinda getting back into a groove. It feels nice. This week I dropped some flat colors on Starslam for the eventual Kickstarter. No timetable on that, but its coming. I gotta say, I re-looked over the pages and it really came together quite nicely. I'm very proud of the story! So I got about 70 pages to color there and then recolor the first 70 pages. Then letter the last 70 and its all done after formatting. So, its by no means done. But on its way.

I've also been able to do some sketch cards here and there. I showed some of my Return of the Jedi 30th Anniversary card set cards a while back but I didn't show off the prop close ups of the cut outs of Ewok fur and Jabba's Sail Barge pieces I got to draw on. Here ya go:

I finished one MARVEL CARD set last week. (sorry I cannot show pics of those yet) And this week, I got my next assignment...

Spoilers of things to come!!!

Anyway, I'm on another Star Wars set, then two more Marvel Sets after that. I signed all the contracts today in fact. We're rolling. So HOPEFULLY somewhere in there, I can keep up with my shit too. I'll likely do some days on cards, some on writing, some on coloring. The next three months I hope are filled with HEAVY PRODUCTION out of me. And we'll see what I emerge with come January. I've got no shows till next summer most likely, so the focus is all on getting my shit done and off my TO DO list... which is massive and intimidating. I also have minor plans for side projects/books to do in-between all of this. I like a lot of pots on my stove, folks. I think with as crazy as 2014 has been for me personally, you'll see an immediate explosion from me in 2015. Sexy time explosion. Lets hope I can emerge triumphant.

Lately, I have begun to feel like my old self again. Reconnecting. Making new plans. Taking care of shitty business. And while life keeps throwing more shit my way, more bills and surprise expenses...etc, I yell back loud at the universe to say I'm still standing here. Keep throwing it at me. Give me what you got!!! You can't take me down, fuckers!

Anyway, no timetable. No limitations. No grand promises. Lets just get to work.

Cheers, T

Tuesday, September 09, 2014

Lonely Week pt 1

Well the wife started training in Detroit for the new job, meaning she is gone there Mon-Friday. She's staying with her parents near there. They are very thrilled to have her. So much so, they installed cable in the second bedroom so she could watch TV! I guess after 15 years alone, they took some joy in having their daughter come back for a bit. Its only for 6 weeks, but I am glad they are spending time together. Meanwhile, I'm an hour and a half West, keeping the house together. I get Scott on the bus, play with James, do house errands and work and do Scotts homework with him when he returns. I get the kids to bed and then fight sleep to get work done.

Actually I am behind on a card set that is due on Monday. I should be working on it now but I am avoiding it by posting a blog. Aren't you lucky? :)

I watched Football on our bedroom TV (now in the living room... grrrrr...don't get me started) and watched some nice surprise upsets. Then the Lions played on Monday, kicking ass. They look really good and Stafford is looking quite mature and comfortable in his QB position. I hope it stays that way.

Today at the Iphone announcement, they dropped the major bomb, a surprise U2 album!

I've given it three listens and already reviewed it on the Morning Show Podcast if you care to know. Its a solid album and I like it better than the last one from 2009. Evidence leads me to believe there is more music to come, and this is part one of a two part album series from them. We'll see. Its just great to get a nice surprise of new music from my favorite bands this year. From U2 to the upcoming Pink Floyd. Its a bad year for me personally, but a GREAT year for my music!! 

Other things on my radar is the upcoming Amanda Fucking Palmer book, The Art of Asking.

I love her music and her blog/social media posts. And I was inspired by her continued success with crowd funding. All creative fields are sort of in flux with today's technology. And I know she's passionate about finding ways to LET PEOPLE fund her work. I look forward to reading this to maybe get some ideas myself. I sure could use them to find a larger reach. Once I get my personal ducks in a row, I need to start to tackle the mountain of delayed workload before me. And when I do, I need to find ways to ensure that I can get it out to people and make the most I can off of it. Because creation is not just my life blood, it is my job. And a Job has to bring something in to keep it afloat. I've done okay, but I know I can do better. The passion is there, but I need to refine the approach to business. I'll get on that soon. But first, more important things like Health, Finances and Family take first dibs.

And I gotta keep working on this shit because this week I accepted three more sketch card gigs. Big sets, BIG properties. Huge. Just when I thought I was out, they pulled me back in! Thats okay. It all goes to the big melting pot of experience, funds and (most importantly) fun!!

 Tomorrow is my son James T's 2nd bday. We plan to celebrate probably Saturday by taking the kids out to a bouncy playground called "Jumping Jacks." Should be neat. He's doing great. Lots of interactivity and talking. And Scott is reaching out with me and doing actual homework! He's improving too. Its great to see. I'm proud of both of them.

Anyway, I guess I'm burnin' daylight here. I gotta get these sketch cards done and out the door or else my editor will slice my balls off. Off to look up more Marvel reference I go!

Cheers, T

Friday, September 05, 2014


By now most of you know I run a podcast called the IDIOTHEAD MORNING SHOW. Its 15-25 minutes about 3-5 times weekly that you can stream for free right HERE or better yet, Subscribe via Itunes right HERE - I'm at episode #280 after going for almost two years. Coming up quickly, I will be celebrating my 300th episode! So I wanted to do something special. I am having a contest!!

Simply EMAIL ME A QUESTION that I can read and answer live on the show. It can be about my comics, my writing, advice, general interests, music, movies, whatever! Anything! Just ask any question. I will read each one live. Then at the end of the show, I will collect all the names and draw a name. The winner will recieve a FREE SKETCHED IN COPY of my 20th ANNIVERSARY ARTBOOK pictured here:

So either email me a question HERE or Facebook message me a question HERE and you are officially entered into the contest. I will be recording episode #300 within the next couple weeks or so, so there is time. However, don't wait and forget. Enter NOW while you are looking at this. Its a free shot at winning my 120 page full color with a sketch inside ARTBOOK!

If you don't enter, thats cool. But at least subscribe to the podcsat via Itunes HERE - Its free, and a great supplement to the blog here. I expand on many thoughts I have here and drop exclusive inside news all the time. Rants, raves, lists, etc. I try my hardest to be entertaining. People seem to enjoy it and the downloads are constant. I'd like it to continue and get more people listening and involved. Wanna help? Go to Itunes and subscribe. Also write a review for the podcast on there. It helps the rankings and gets sponsors interested in possibly looking at it. That helps fund what I'm doing. I appreciate it.

Anyway folks, ENTER THE CONTEST! ENTER TO WIN A FREE BOOK! Hit me with the questions and provide content for the big #300th episode!

And a great thanks to all who always listen each week. I appreciate you letting me into your lives for 20-25 minutes a day. Cheers! (Peace and Love!)


Wednesday, September 03, 2014

AVGN Interview is Live!

Hey folks! My ANGRY VIDEO GAME NERD interview with Kevin Finn and James Rolfe (The "Nerd") is up and live! Check out the audio right HERE - and check out the write up at right HERE - Thanks to Kevin and James for the interview, thanks to Jasmine the PR Rep for setting it all up and mega-thanks to Mark Walters of for letting me do it. It was a great thrill to talk to those guys. I am a massive AVGN fan and have been for years. It was a nice thing for me to do.

I've seen the flick and gave a review on my IDIOTHEAD MORNING SHOW PODCAST. Overall, I'd say for a fan funded film, it was really a treat. The boys have definitely grown as filmmakers and they should be damn proud. If I had any criticism, I'd say that the flick could have been trimmed by about 20-25 minutes and the flow woulda been a bit smoother. Some scenes coulda done with maybe another take or two. But I know the shoot itself was a plagued one and I'm sure they recognize some of the things they wish they coulda had time to get to. The effects are Troma-style with a modern flair and done with loving care. The film looks professionally shot and its filled with all sorts of AVGN world related cameos and fun bits. There's tons to take in. Overall, I'd give the film a solid B, but an astounding A+++++ for the guys' herculean efforts to take a completely fan-funded script and delivering a great looking product. A lot of history and love went into this flick and everyone should see it. You can rent or buy it on VOD right HERE


In other news, a couple days before football season begins, my beloved 42" TV shit the bed. Here's a pic of the day we got it:

From this blog - Dec. 2007
It was an INSIGNIA, so a generic Best Buy brand. I'm actually surprised it lasted this long! We got a 25" we moved from the bedroom to the Living room so I won't miss a game. But still, kinda sucks. We'll get a new one for Xmas I am sure. Just gotta get some bills out of the way. Just sucks cause last week we had a surprise $600 car repair too. We're strapped as it is! UGH! Oh well. 2014 has been a shitty year for us, why not add to the pile eh? I'm afraid to go around the corner. Jesus whats next! HA! Ya gotta laugh after a while, I swear.

(EDIT -- Its funny, and to tie it into AVGN a bit... it died in the middle of my son and I playing NES "JAWS" on the Retron 3 with it! Like the game was so shitty, it broke my damn TV!)

It ain't all bad right now. The wife starts orientation for her new job today. We budgeted her new job's income and we got a financial plan to get back to where we were at the beginning of the year before all these medical bills and unfortunate set backs nailed us down a bit. By January or so, we'll be back to normal somewhat. My night job helps too. I haven't taken on any commissions really, due to my self-imposed break, but thats fine. I've accepted minor gigs here and there, but nothing big. I'm not really out there looking like I used to.

Scott started Kindergarten yesterday and seems to be enjoying it. I gotta go out today and get him some new jeans. He's grown out of the ones we bought this year already! Growth spurt I guess. James is talking up a lot! Its great to see his progress! During his nap time today, I plan to get back to work now that I will get a daily rhythm. I cleaned up my office last night and recorded a ton of new podcasts I've been writing material for. I'm crossing minor things off my TO DO list, and thats great!! So its hard to get down about things like a car repair or a broken TV when so much else seems to be going right. I'm damn lucky! I don't have to worry about things like finding clean drinking water or anything, so my "problems" seem real goddamn minor in perspective.

Anyway, we're rockin' and rollin.' Check out the AVGN interviews I posted above and buy the movie VOD or on Blu-ray when it comes out. Support indie talent! Believe me, and I can relate, indie folks appreciate the support!

Have a good week, Peace and Love!! --- T

Saturday, August 30, 2014

Stuff and Nonsense

Hey all. Been a bit since a blog update so here ya go.

 Been busy for the most part. Working the night job, catching sleep when I can and doing things around the house. Seems I am cleaning this place top to bottom daily! The kids go all Dr. Destructo on the place and I struggle to keep things rolling and clean around here. But I do enjoy it. It would help if I wasn't so out of it most of the time. Adjusting to day, then night, then back to day sleep really does a number on me. The wife is starting a new job this week for a bit more pay and way more opportunity. But she will be out of town for six weeks for training! Only home on the weekends. Also Scotty starts school on Tuesday. It is definitely going to be lonely around here. But I honestly could use a bit of quiet. I'll still have James here to keep me company. I plan to use this quiet time to catch up on my loooooooong TO DO list. Anxious to get started on it.

I had my last appearance (I think) for the year today. I did a quick signing at a new comic shop in Lansing called RED FOX COMICS. Its by the Outback Steakhouse and Kohls in West Lansing, off of Saginaw Rd. A good location. Good folks in there and they are running a new, modern titles clean family friendly shop. No games, all comics. I was happy to go in there and show support. I'm sure I'll be back in. They mentioned doing things with some local artists so we'll see what comes up!

Am I sad its my last appearance for the year? Not really. I'm sorta still drained from the shit this year has done to me. Its still going on too. This week I had a surprise $600 car repair. I was overdue for it anyway I guess. But I am equally overdue for some GOOD LUCK TO HAPPEN!!!!!! Heh. I can dream on I suppose, right?

But things are okay. I'm writing more. The night job is going well. Stress is dwindling. Bills are getting caught up. Its only a matter of time before I get into actual production again. I do things here and there, like I am on this card set for Marvel right now. But other than that, everything I have done is real sorta "once a week" type of production stuff. My office misses me. Scotty monopolizes the time in here. But soon I will have it back. Soon.

I'm scared about his starting kindergarten. All sorts of questions arise. How is he going to handle it? What is his teacher going to do for him? He is behind on some things and seems really unwilling to learn here at home. I hope he cooperates at school and gets better. Potty training is still a bitch and he only wants to watch videos and eat all the time. He's getting a bit chubby and that scares me too. He won't eat healthy things. He won't even try them. If we take him to the park, it has to be followed up with a trip to get french fries. Its really a problem. I'm hoping daily school activity will help him. But he will be limited to only eating what we pack for his lunch, instead of munching and eating all day at home like he does. I guess we'll see if he can do well at adjusting. Most of the time, not so much. Its his way or its crazy time. We'll see.

In other news, I did an interview with James Rolfe and Kevin Finn who did the ANGRY VIDEO GAME NERD MOVIE and also the AVGN videos online.

I've been a fan for a long time. And it was an awesome opportunity to interview them! It will be up at in a couple days. I'm sure I will post links when its up. There's an audio and written interview with them. Great fun to talk to some current heroes of mine!

I think the first thing out the gate when this new schedule begins is finishing my novels. First the porn store one and then the short story one. Then finishing comics. I got all of STARSLAM scanned. Just needs coloring and lettering. Then Kickstarter. Maybe around Christmas? I don't want to hold myself to anything. Then Anna plans. We'll see what all I can do. For now, just taking it as it feels right. I got nothing in my head as far as 2015 plans or anything yet. There's things I am kicking around but its too early to commit to anything.  We shall see.

The title to this blog should just be "We'll see!"

However, I am keeping up with IDIOTHEAD MORNING SHOW PODCAST! Are you caught up with it? I got tons of new episodes up. Listen HERE or subscribe via ITUNES. Also if you do that, please give a rating and feedback at Itunes. It helps the ratings and gives me the chance to earn some sponsors. I do all this for free, so some help is always great!

Haven't bought much music lately but I've been on a big STOOGES kick. Also the RAMONES and ROLLINS BAND. Been catching up with other types of podcasts too. As far as reading I've dug into some Harlan Ellison and I am finally getting around to this book called Basajaun by Rosemary Van Deuren. I got it from her last year and its been on the TO READ pile for a while. So far, I like both books. Done a lot more reading this year than I have in a long time. I'm enjoying it!

On the diet front, no news but I am doing good. Wife is down over 70 pounds. She's gone from a size 22 to a size 12. I'm proud of her. I'm slow going but in this for the long haul. Been on a big water kick lately, which is what I should be on anyway. Coffee too. Yup.

Anyway, thats about enough of an update from me. A bunch of nothingness. I hope you were entertained. But I am glad you stopped by again! Its for you I keep in this whole thing. Better days are not too far ahead. I'm looking forward to it. I need it!!!! Thanks to you all for your continued support.

Cheers, T

Friday, August 22, 2014

Wibbly Wobbly Timey Wimey - FALL plans

Oh boy folks! Its almost time! Tomorrow Doctor Who returns after a looooong 9 month wait to see how Peter Capaldi does in the role as the 12th (13th?) Doctor. I am very excited to see how they are going to run the show. Obviously the dynamic between Doctor and companion will be greatly different now. I'm sure there will be a lot less flirting and more darker, cerebral tones with this new guy. Its always weird when a new Doctor comes along because it takes a while to warm up to him but after a time, he turns out as awesome as all the others. They put their own spin on it. Sure there have been a couple that many would cite as their "least favorite," but still, they had good stuff going on. Doctor Who always does.

I spent some time this week to watch more Tom Baker episodes like, "Planet of Evil," "Brain of Morbuis" and "City of Death." I'm really digging on Baker right now. He and Tennant are my favorites by far. I think I'm not alone in that however. I also love Troughton and Eccleston. Its ALL really good. No complaints on any of it from me!

Also coming up is WALKING DEAD. I am completely enjoying what they are doing with the series. I really look at the comic and the TV show as two seperate things now and I'm glad for that. I'm excited to see whats next.

And of course, football season has begun. Tonight I watched another Lions' pre-season game. I'm getting excited for the season. New players, new coach. We'll see!

I'm making it my goal to watch something new every week. This week I finished off my great M*A*S*H marathon of watching the series all the way through. I never have done that before. I also actually went out to the movies and saw GUARDAINS OF THE GALAXY, which I will give a B+. I have a bunch of stuff I keep putting off on my netflix cue. Time to commit to watching it. Soon the wife will be gone for six weeks, so I will be quite lonely. I plan to watch and keep up with some of the shit on my Netflix list. Been delaying shit too damn long.

I also plan to get some work done in the next 7 weeks. Scott goes back to school in 10 days and that means I can get some rhythm going at home as far as creating stuff during the day. We'll see how it rolls. But he'll be in classes from 7:30-4pm. Everything is going to be a bit of a juggle with her gone. But I intend to make the best of it. When she gets back, she starts her new job. More money, waaaaaaaay more opportunity. Its quite exciting. If everything works out, all our goals shall be achieved within 2-4 years. I will have no worries by the time I am 40. That would be goddamn awesome! I've been scraping by barely all my life. Glad shit will finally pay off for us. I'm proud of her and her hard work. She's also dropped 72 pounds and is training for a 5k. AMAZING! I really lucked out by finding her, and she puts up with me!

Anyway, I'm going to hit the bed early and get good sleep tonight. Tomorrow is another day and shit is getting brighter and brighter for my life. Glad to finally see things on the mend. Lets hope this upward trend keeps on chugging along!

Cheers, T

Sunday, August 17, 2014

New Store Signing and a Busy Week

Hey all, guess what? I'm getting out of my nerd cave for a day and doing a store signing! There is a new comic shop in west Lansing, Michigan called RED FOX COMICS. 723 Brookside Drive
Lansing, MI 48917. I will be there on Saturday Aug. 30th from 11-4pm or so.

I will be selling my books, prints, cards, art and doing free sketches for kids the whole time. I'm excited to get out of the house for once and help a new comic shop open up to some potential new customers. Help spread the word and come on out on Saturday. I hope to have a fun time with some nice amount of traffic at the event. Details on the comic shop, hit their website right HERE


I finally saw Guardians of the Galaxy last night in the theater. I never go to the movies for a variety of reasons but I am glad I saw the flick. Good fun. I honestly knew nothing about the characters or the comics going in, so I really had to expectations for it. But it was good fun and I'd recommend checking it out. But I think next time I do hit the movies, I'm going to wait until week three or four... because all the stigmas that happened with me going to the movies happened and it crowded my experience a bit. Last flick I saw in the theater before this was Man of Steel. Yeah, thats how frequently I go to the movies. Cause people just seem to be getting increasingly rude to other patrons in public. And movies are such a religious experience for me, that I never want my experience tainted, like it sort of was last night. But oh well. At least the flick made up for it.


I got another four shift week at the night job so it will be quite busy. I'm falling behind on doing these Marvel Sketch Cards. However I did scan all the Starslam art and digitally clean up the lines and spots here and there. I hope to toss colors on soon. The wife starts a new job on sept 8th and she will be gone out of town most of the time, Monday-Friday for six weeks. Scotty will be back in school, so my days will be free and my nights will be boring. And when I am bored, I get work done. So I plan to really get productive so I am not concentrating on missing my wife while she's gone. And then on weekends, she'll be back and I'll be working. It will be a juggle, but worth it when its all over. But when is life not a juggle?

The good news is we are catching up with bills and shit is finally getting paid. Just a bit more hard work and we'll be back to where we were before this year began. Then we can start tackling the big picture. The big goals! Those are the days worth living for.

So anyway, make some plans to be in Lansing on August 30th. I'll be at Red Fox Comics, next to Kohls, Kroger and the Outback Steakhouse. Its gonna be great!

Cheers, T