Sunday, March 22, 2015

New Pages!

Hey all! A quick update after a LONG weekend of working all three of my jobs and barely seeing the light of day. I'm flat out exhausted! UGH. Anyway, I thought I'd show you some progress on STARSLAM 2. I got 6 pages done this week! Here's some spoiler free peeks:

A new character, named "BEAR GIRL" gets into some trouble!

Crawling from the rubble...

Starslam don't know her own strength now....

The Doc is back and has a new toy! And yes, I know it looks phallic now, but its not used for that. M'kay? Perverts~!!

The new pages are coming along nicely if I must say. I got a great rhythm going on them. So my recent progress WASN'T a fluke after all. I'm back in the groove as they say! But thank God I got a night job with down time for me to get page work done! Not the most ideal place to draw, but it gets the job done. If something is important you make the time, right? ;)

Also, if you ordered a STARSLAM #1 book, they are all mailed. So they should be getting to your homes soon. Thanks for the support! If there are any problems, get with me via email and we'll fix it!

This week I had a few spare hours in between jobs where I took my girl to the pet shop for the first time. There I saw my first ever Jellyfish!!

they were very cute! These particular ones aren't all stingy and only live for around a year. They have to circle the tank constantly or else they will die. So the tank has a motor that keeps them in constant motion.

I wish I could have or be a Jelly fish! Some Jellyfish never die! They just revert to being young again and can essentially live forever! WOW!!!!! The vampires of the sea!
Once again this week, I got a crapload of hours. But I finally was able to get about 7 hours of sleep last night. A rarity for me! So I am very happy with that! I still got a TO DO list a mile long, but I'm chopping away at it. Looking forward to when classes are over and I might be able to take a little vacation. I haven't gone anywhere since May last year... not counting the couple trips to Illinois for Gloria's passing and all that. Thats not a vacation. But yeah, I'm a bit stressed and tense lately. I'm just ragged and I need a refresher. I'm thinking about going to Chicago and seeing the Art Museum and maybe the aquarium. (MORE JELLYFISH!) Plus there is the High Fidelity filming locations, maybe some sleep somewhere in there... yeah. Lots to do!

Anyway, have a safe, fun week! Cheers, T

Wednesday, March 18, 2015

SOOOOOO Busy.....

Hey all. Sorry I've been so quiet lately. Just BUSY! My dayjobs have increased hours, which is actually really great. I need the money badly. But I get about 4 hours of sleep a day and I am on my feet for about 15-16 hours a day. I get TIRED. But I'm dealing with it.

This week I got a lot done. In addition to working some buttload of hours, I got other things accomplished. Here's some visual highlights....

I signed and sketched ALL sold copies of Starslam and got them all packed up and ready to ship.

I had books literally going all over the world. USA, Switzerland, Finland, Australia, Austria, United Kingdom, Amsterdam and a few other places. Quite insane, but very welcome! Thanks to all who supported the kickstarter!!!

So all the Starslams will be shipped as of tomorrow morning. I had a few last minute details on a couple packages to send off, but they will be happy with them. If you pledged on the Starslam kickstarter, many thanks to you! I hope you think the physical copy was well worth the long wait. And again, sorry for the delays that happened. Never again folks. Never again.

Also this week, I cranked out over 100 cards for another STAR WARS set from Topps. I can't share much about it but I took this pic of one of them....

I do not recommend doing 100 full color cards in one week, ever! I was exhausted by the end of it! Some of the cards ended up not being my best either. Hopefully next set I will have more time on. But its always an honor to be asked. Especially for a card set involving one of my favorite movies of all time!

My girlfriend kept texting me and cheering me on every night to get them done. After the smoke cleared we celebrated. She bought me a bottle of champaigne even!! 

It was yummy!

And the next morning she made me an amazing breakfast! I've actually never ate an omlette before. I know. But I usually stick to standard eggs, bacon, toast. It sucks for me cause I'm used to being the star cook in my life. But I've been de-throned! Hard to be mad when the food is sooooo good!

I've barely been home in the last couple weeks. Today I got the day off and I am just catching up on sleep, taking care of paperwork and just relaxing. I'm gonna take a nap and spend the night working on stuff. But I thought I'd check in with you folks and let you know how well things are going. I will say now that the dust has settled on cards and some paperwork I've been working on, I am back to working on Starslam 2 pages. I inked some last night and pencilled two others. So progress is flowing. I'm hoping to finish it by the fall and get a kickstarter rolling for it. But no rush if I am not feeling it. But I got a GREAT rhythm going right now and I want to keep it flowing.

Hope all is well in your lives! Cheers, T

Friday, March 13, 2015

The Struggle

Hello everyone. Its been a week of extreme exciting highs and some downers. The downers is whats got to me. It revolves around money. Im working two jobs, one is a max of 32 hours a week. The other is around 20-28 hours. Both at minimum wage. Im barely scraping by as it is and I am hemmoraging money! I am continuing my search for a job that gives at least 36 hours a week, and more hourly pay. But frankly, its extremely difficult to find one. No one wants to pay benefits anymore. And what sucks is I am soon going to lose my access to healthcare, so I need a new plan. I dont know what the best option is for me. Im dumb about this stuff.

I needed my healthcare today because I ended up in the ER. I got out of work and went to bed. About an hour later I was woke up by these extreme pains in my upper stomach. I tried vomiting but nothjng came out. It hurt so much that I went to an urgent care. They couldnt find anything wrong with me so they sent me to the ER. The area affected was near my gallbladder and pancreas. Knowing my mom had gallbladder problems and its hereditory, i went. Had Blood taken, more urine and I waited and waited. Finally got a room and waited and waited some more. By this time, the pain had gone away and I felt fine. I had the sinking realization that it had been some sort of intestial acid or gas issue. I couldnt believe it. It literally was the worst pain I had felt in a long damn time for about five hours. Then just suddenly: POOF! Gone. All tests came back negative for the major shit Inwas worried about. They wanted to run more tests but Inasked to leave. No sense in racking up the bill anymore. I go to billing to find out that i have pay 25% of the ER cost... Around $1,200!!!! Thats two months rent for me! Ughhhhhhh. I leave pissed off and angry at myself for losing a whole day of getting shit done, seeing my kids and more, over just an extreme case of bad gas. Unless im in a major accident, im avoiding the ER forever.

All of this cannot come at a worse time. I lost a week and change at one job because of my hurt foot three weeks ago. I am deadly poor. It sucks. I thought about just selling everything I own and going extreme minimalist. But that would suck. I thought about a commission sale, but I am backed up on other art stuff that is due first. I need to get my plate clear... Hard to do when you work two jobs, get like 4-6 hours of sleep in between them and see all of those folks whom you hold dear. Im barely hanging on.

But im confident something good will come along. Im in a nice transitional phase. I just need more pay. How can a 37 year old guy with a college degree and 12 years combined management experience not find a job that pays beyond 6.85 takehome? Im gonna figure that one out.

So yeah, some stress and worries but things beyond that are going very very well. Im very happy most of the time. Tired and broke, but happy. I got a crapton to get done this weekend and the week, so I am off to it. Checking things off the TO DO list! Necessary.

Much love, T

Wednesday, March 11, 2015

New Stuff!

Hey all. Taking a break from a galaxy far far away to do a quick update bloggy blog. Hope all is well.

I'm mailing out STARSLAM books starting this week. So if you ordered one, be sure to look for them cause they are coming soon! Probably a little longer for my overseas friends due to shipping times.

Recently, I've been branching out and trying new things. I get very tired of routine lately and I felt like I wanted to go out and sample more waters of life. So I have tried new restaurants and dishes I've always wanted to try. And here are some pics to share:

My girlfriend introduced me to Sushi. I got a 101 lesson in what stuff was and how to eat it. Even used chopsticks for the first time (yeah, I know!). I really enjoyed the soup. Sushi was okay. I'm not a massive fan of it. But at least I tried it. I've always wanted to. Bucket list, scratch off!

I've also branched out and tried more vegetables. Broccoli and Asparagus, specifically. This is a turkey/spinich meatloaf with mushrooms. Talk about yummy yummy!

I have heard about this place in north town called THE GOLDEN HARVEST. A dive breakfast joint that only seats about 20 people at a time. You stand outside in the cold for about 45 minutes but the food and atmosphere is WELL WORTH IT! I have a new favorite restaurant in town! 

Here is the outside of the place. They pipe music outside to keep you warm while you want for a table to open up.

Inside the walls are covered with little odd trinkets and signs. The music blares loudly. On this occasion when we visited, I heard Radiohead's OK COMPUTER album in full, also Sex Pistols and Dead Kennedys! Fuckin' awesome!!!

Their signs are hilarious and the best!

Their bacon is the thickest I've ever tasted. Very flavorful. Their hasbrowns are mighty and their toast is unlike any other toast I've tried. Kinda greasy and crunchy. I really wish a show like DINERS DRIVE INS AND DIVES would visit the place and show off how things are done!

By our table today, we had some interesting little trinkets to check out...
Here is a youtube documentary about the Golden Harvest restaurant:

Yeah, we should all strive to step out of our routine and comfort zone and try some new things once in a while. I vowed to do something new every week. And so far, I am enjoying the hell out of it! I guess, thats just called... living!

Okay, back to artwork on these cards. Then STARSLAM 2. And working two jobs. And somewhere in there, SLEEP! HA!

Luvs, T

Monday, March 09, 2015

Crazy Busy Week

Hey all! Just taking a moment to drop a Monday Morning bloggy. I'm going to be extremely busy this week! I got 35+ hours at BOTH day jobs and I got about 100 cards I have to turn around by Saturday. How I am gonna juggle all of it, I have no clue! Plus I got a day to watch the kids, a night or two of fun with my girl and other priorities. How I am gonna keep it all going together, I have no clue. But it certainly is fun!

Its an honor to return to a card set on a property that keeps having me around. Especially one that I grew up loving. I hope I am continued to be invited back for years to come. Its the one property I am most known for now, and I get the most enjoyment out of. The force is strong with this one!

Most days I am never home. Thats a good thing. I'm out earning money or spending time with those I care about. Life is going rather well. I was talking wth my pal Dean the other night about 2016 convention plans. I am itching to get back out on the road and do a serious major comic con tour. I want to. I NEED to. I wanna hit some shows again and see the friends and make new ones. I Want to redesign my table layout and approach. I want to finish my projects for that too. I am hoping to finish Starslam 2 by the end of this year and the Kickstarter money raised will fund my 2016 convention travels and printing plans. New backdrop, prints and more. I will hit a couple shows this year, but it will be with my old shit. Books only, mostly. Maybe I'll bring the new prints along. We'll see. But I have definite work to finish, money to save and more.

Mostly with all this work and the stressful few months I've had, I feel now more than ever, I need a vacation! This was a harsh winter and when spring hits, I'm gonna consider taking a couple days and going somewhere. I'm considering hitting Chicago for museums, film location scouting and just atmosphere. So I'll save some money for that and hopefully in a couple months, A window will open up where I can go and do that. I've earned that I think.

Anyway, I gotta get back to these cards, but I thought I'd check in. Have a good week everyone!

Luvs, T

Friday, March 06, 2015


Hey friends!

This is the week where I finally turned it all around and became normal, or even better.. a NEW self again. New standards and habits. I'm speaking specifically about getting my goddamn page work back on track. I haven't been in a steady rhythm of doing comic page artwork in about 3 months now. Lots going on in my personal life and it just derailed me. But this week I sorta forced myself to just sit down and get to work. I work a gas station job from midnight-7/8am here in East Lansing. Our boss says that after our work is done, we can bring things to do. (sweet!) So I started bringing pages. Slowly but surely I got in a rhythm and now I'm up to a page or so a night when I'm working! I've been sharing the progress on my FACEBOOK PAGE if anyone wants to follow along, make with the "Add a Friend." This week I've been working on STARSLAM book #2 pages!!! Check out these pics here:

This is a new character in the book named "BEAR GIRL." She certainly has a journey in this story!

As you can see, the whole gang is back for a second round of fun!

Starslam, in her fighting glory!

A cool shot of Starslam doing some mid-air fighting over a cityscape. I dig the perspective on this one.
Also, I am finally able to get STARSLAM books out to my Kickstarter supporters! I've been signing books and I am waiting for the free mini-print to come back from the printer so I can stuff all the envelopes and mail them off! I have books going all over the USA, Finland, Switzerland, Germany, Australia, the UK and more! Thanks ALL!!!

Once I get the books out to the supporters, I will be throwing it up in the ONLINE STORE here for general sales. Sorry, just have been busy... personal and professional.

In personal news, things are improving greatly. I got my tax return and thats helping some minor things I needed to pay off and get done around here. My foot seems to be healing nicely. I've been walking with a limp for two weeks and I am quite tired of that... and popping 800mgs of Motrin a day to fight the pain! I have been spending a lot of time at my two part time jobs and then spending time with a certain someone who I haven't really talked a whole lot about yet. But I'll share news on that when its proper to do so. You guys know me, I'm like a damn open book. I tell everything and everything I can to you. Its the only way I know how to live my life.

Exciting things on the horizon! My buddy Dean Stahl got us tickets to see RUSH in June. So going to see them again and perhaps for the final time. We'll see. David Gilmour of Pink Floyd has a solo album due this year and beginning to organize a tour. Hoping he comes to the USA. If so, I MUST go to the show! I've been listening to a lot of jazz and Jeff Buckley lately. His album, GRACE, has been constantly spinning here at the home and at work. Necessary. I got Neil Gaiman's new short story book, TRIGGER WARNING, but have yet to be able to start it. Just been busy. No day off! I need the money though, so I don't complain too much about it.

Anyway, I guess thats all I have to tell you fine folks. Thanks for checking back in with me. Lets rock this weekend!

Cheers, T

Sunday, March 01, 2015

Late Night bloggy blog

ok, gonna try another one from the phone cause I am bored at my second job. I work day shift as a cashier at a grocery store and midnight shift at a gas station. The hours combined, i BARELY make enough to squeak by. I have very little time to myself or playtime anymore with this life. But I do find time to spend time with those I hold dear. The hopes that I will soon get to again keep me going. This week I have a ton of shifts at both jobs. Good thing because I missed almost a week at one job with my bum foot. Luckily its healing good and I am now to only a soft limp. But im back in my own shoes and rid of the doctor ordered open-toed boot. Keeps my foot nice and warm in this -28 degree weather, I assure. My apartment is constantly cold and my little space heater is working overtime.

But im not complaining. Things are going good. I got an increase in hours, I got new art being done inbetween all of this and I got great things happening to me. I have reasons to smile everyday. Like when I wake up and theres a message from her, and it makes me smile. Suddenly, the bum foot dont hurt as bad.... :)

I am dead broke but its been a long time since I got myself a treat. So I got Neil Gaiman's new short story book. Im beginning to dig into it now. I always enjoy his writing, as you all know. I got lots to look forward to this week. Im working a lot, im gonna continue packing Starslam books to ship, Im gonnna see her again a couple times and even make her a nice dinner. Its all great things to look forward to!

See? Isnt a happy Adam blog MUCH better to read? Ha!! Thanks for putting up with me for the last few months, my friends. But we crawled out of the muck and we're back kicking ass. It feels great. You have no idea. But this isnt a return to the old me. This is a new me. One who tried broccoli and liked it! Yes... I said it.

Anyway, those are my late night thoughts. Hope all is well in your worlds. Lets roll through March and get to some goddamn warmer weather! Its gonna be a great year!

Luvs, T