Sunday, March 01, 2015

Late Night bloggy blog

ok, gonna try another one from the phone cause I am bored at my second job. I work day shift as a cashier at a grocery store and midnight shift at a gas station. The hours combined, i BARELY make enough to squeak by. I have very little time to myself or playtime anymore with this life. But I do find time to spend time with those I hold dear. The hopes that I will soon get to again keep me going. This week I have a ton of shifts at both jobs. Good thing because I missed almost a week at one job with my bum foot. Luckily its healing good and I am now to only a soft limp. But im back in my own shoes and rid of the doctor ordered open-toed boot. Keeps my foot nice and warm in this -28 degree weather, I assure. My apartment is constantly cold and my little space heater is working overtime.

But im not complaining. Things are going good. I got an increase in hours, I got new art being done inbetween all of this and I got great things happening to me. I have reasons to smile everyday. Like when I wake up and theres a message from her, and it makes me smile. Suddenly, the bum foot dont hurt as bad.... :)

I am dead broke but its been a long time since I got myself a treat. So I got Neil Gaiman's new short story book. Im beginning to dig into it now. I always enjoy his writing, as you all know. I got lots to look forward to this week. Im working a lot, im gonna continue packing Starslam books to ship, Im gonnna see her again a couple times and even make her a nice dinner. Its all great things to look forward to!

See? Isnt a happy Adam blog MUCH better to read? Ha!! Thanks for putting up with me for the last few months, my friends. But we crawled out of the muck and we're back kicking ass. It feels great. You have no idea. But this isnt a return to the old me. This is a new me. One who tried broccoli and liked it! Yes... I said it.

Anyway, those are my late night thoughts. Hope all is well in your worlds. Lets roll through March and get to some goddamn warmer weather! Its gonna be a great year!

Luvs, T

Friday, February 27, 2015

Live Long and Prosper, Leonard Nimoy

This is a day I knew would come. But it certainly doesn't make it any easier.

Today, beloved STAR TREK Icon, Leonard Nimoy is gone. An accomplished actor, director, musician, poet, photographer and so much more to so many people. He became the image of STAR TREK and was the reason a majority of females tuned into the show back in the 60s. Easily the most recognizable character in the series, and perhaps the most loved.

Leonard's portrayal of the half human/half alien character gave him lots to play off of, and we got to enjoy the journey every week on the show and eight different movies, a cartoon series, several novels, comic books and more. He's wrote autobiographies, recorded several music albums and has released a few art photography books, which you can find right HERE - My favorite was the full body project (pictured below). He was fond of silver geleton prints and had his own studio in his house. I recommend checking his photo work out.

When he started acting, he was doing all sorts of odd jobs to make ends meet and support his family. Then he got the iconic gig on Star Trek, and then he was typecast. He had difficulty getting anyone to see beyond the ears. But he did go on to direct some great films like Three Men and a Baby, also Star Trek III and IV, easily some of the best of the series. Going through the difficult hours of working and staying in character as the stern and unemotional Spock took its toll on him. He developed a drinking habit and also a major smoking habit. He quit 30 years ago, but the damage was done. He later developed COPD, and thats what did him in. It bums me out because its such a stupid disease and easily avoidable. How smoking can remain appealing after seeing someone die from it, like I have a few times in my life, I'll never know.

I got to meet him very briefly in 2009, shortly after the first JJ Abrams Trek came out. It was at San Diego Comic Con. He wasn't even scheduled to be there. I happened across this autograph booth that had an advert that Nimoy was going to be there tomorrow and it was $60. You had to pre-buya  ticket and stand in line. I wasn't into the idea. I had something to do at the time it said to be there. But I felt like I had to do it. When would I get the chance? So I bought the ticket and showed up the next day. I stood in line, about 10th in order and he came walking by. I couldn't believe how brisk he walked for a man his age. We got cattle called through the line very quickly. No time for photos, handshakes or personalized autographs. I got to the front, picked my photo and handed it to him. He signed it and handed it back. As he handed it back, I said "Hey man, thanks for coming out to see us here." And he replied with the biggest smile and said, "And thank YOU for coming to see ME!" And I walked away, staring at his smile that he gave me back. He didn't turn away to the next person until I turned my head. It seemed like forever. Like dude, you're staring too long at Spock. He's busy, move on! And move on I did. It almost hurt to turn away from the man. But what else was I gonna say to him. He'd been asked all the questions I had a million times. I really had nothing new to offer him. But I am glad I got that little moment with him. I just remember his smile back at me, giving me every single moment before I turned my head and he turned his to the next person. He never left my gaze until I left his. He coulda just moved on. He had a huge line of people! But no, he gave me every single moment he could. Its like we mind melded! HA!! I guess in my smiling gaze back, I wanted to show him that I really cared, I wasn't going to flip his autograph on ebay and I just met one of my heroes. I think he knew it in that moment too.

Leonard gave us a lot to remember him by. And I am sure in the days to come I shall re-dissect it all. I have a few of his books and all of his albums. Its gonna be weird to sit down and watch STAR TREK again, knowing he is no longer with us. But at least we got tons to see of him. I am sad because I am at an age where I am seeing my childhood icons leave me. But at least I can turn on the show, the movies or anything he gave us and relive it all again. In a way, Leonard will outlive all of us. And WE will be the ones to prosper from it.

SPOCK LIVES! He carry his Khatra with us always. "REMEMBER..." Indeed we shall.


1-STAR TREK II: "I have been and always shall be your friend." You all know what I'm talking about.
2-"AMOK TIME" when he realizes that he didn't kill his friend, Captain Kirk, after all!
3-"THE NAKED TIME" His breakdown in the crew lounge. One take. So much to work through.
4-"UNIFICATION II" The TNG two parter with him in it. Best part was the very end. A nice button to the story of him and his father. They were always at odds. Picard offers him a chance to connect via mind meld to the thoughts of his dead father. Spock does and at as soon as he connect, he begins to cry hard, but controlled. In that moment you know that Sarek loved Spock and he finally knew it.
5-"JOURNEY TO BABEL" The entire episode where his parents visit. You really get a glimpse of what it was like for him as a child of two worlds, at odds with his father.

Wednesday, February 25, 2015

Smiling through the day

I'm a big kid. I got kid tastes and sometimes that ain't bad. But I've always desired to branch out and try new things. I desire nice looking things. "Growing up" some would call it. Its a double edged sword for me. I like to keep a piece of my childhood alive so I never lose my childhood eyesight. But I find that lately, I have way less of a sugary soda taste, and more of a willingess to have wine instead. I realize now on the flipside of things that there is so much I haven't done. Jaw dropping things that everyone has done but I haven't. I watch shows about gardening and fixing up homes or interior decorating and exotic cooking. But I've never pursued those things in my life. I mean, my pillowcase I am using right now? A HE-MAN pillowcase I had when I was a kid. No shit. Really? How long must I sing the same song? HA! My childhood influences still being here even though im 37 fucking years old... that makes me smile.

Knowing I have these desires and the fact that I intend to pursue them give me a reason to smile. The fact that I'm branching out beyond myself and what I feel like my "tastes" are in life, make me happy. I feel like I am in a place where accomplishments are being met. I've conquored a lot in my life and its becoming my strength. I find now that I am free to try these things if I want to, and I have an extreme desire to. Its a "WHY NOT" mentality. I like that about my current evolution. I have people who are willing to show me these things. They've been there for me for many deep talks and advice when I needed it most. And they make me smile.

A lot of my friends are going through trials too. I've had two friends this past week survive major car accidents. They came out unscarred but scared. We all face major shit that happens but when we come out safe and unharmed it gives us a great appreciation for surviving it. Sure its scary, but we made it through. And thier strength and courage makes me smile.

I have so many reasons to smile lately. And some of those I keep to myself. For once, my happiness is my own and I am dwelling in it deeply. I proudly display them in the front and corners in my mind. Like a triptych of three flowers sitting in a vase on a table. The flowers have meaning and smell pretty and were picked out with care. The smell and look of them make someone else smile. And that, makes me smile back!

I got a lot to do in the next couple months. Artworking, personal stuff, business stuff, shipping out a ton of books, getting things lined up in my life, saving money for the future, helping my dad out... just SO MUCH to come. But I'm not scared to deal with any of it. I'm very happy to do it all. Looking forward to it. The future. The things that make me happy. And through it all? I'll be smiling.

Peace and Luv, T

Tuesday, February 24, 2015

More Late Night Rumblings....

3:30am. Can't sleep. I started to, but ended up tossing and turning. Late night work at the gas station has me a bit haggard schedule-wise. Bored and a bit lonely. Time to talk to you fine folks.

Got a new haircut today. Tried something new, beyond the same haircut I've had for 20 years. I let her choose what to do with my hair. So here is what happened...

At first I hated it. But now I am kinda liking it. I wish the top was just a smidge longer... but it will get there. I rarely get to try out new things. I'm always sorta stuck doing or enjoying the same thing over and over. This week I expressed a true desire to try new things. Foods I've never ate or activities that a year ago woulda scared me to even consider. But now, I'm living a "Why not" type of life. Shall I try a new haircut? Why not?! Just let it happen. Deal with it. Its just hair. It will grow back... mostly!

Its about learning to let go of things you cannot control. You think you want to control everything, but you can't. So once you learn to let things go and disconnect, is the only time you are free. So today I trusted a stranger to just do what she wanted with my hair. I coulda ended up bald or a Mr. T style mohawk. I woulda dealt with it. Change can be embraced and celebrated.

My pal Jay Fosgitt is having a rough time. He got his car totalled by some asshole driver. Jay is fine, but his car is gone. He needs a new one to get to shows to sell his work. We artists live check to check without severence pay or insurance. I can relate to when someone needs help. So if you are in the market for some artwork needed to be done, Jay can do it for ya! Check out his blog HERE to see what you can order and what can be done. For you fans of My Little Pony, he also has original comic pages from that available as well.

I saw the new THAT METAL SHOW episode last night. It had Geddy Lee from RUSH on it. He looked great but pretty much reiterated that this upcoming tour might be the last. My pal Dean scored us tickets to go the show in June. We're high up but who gives a fuck. Its RUSH and we're going! Any seat in the house is a good one. I can't wait.

I've been on a big Beastie Boys kick. Also a love song mix I got on my ipod. I'm hoping my foot heals up soon so I can get back into the gym and hit the treadmill again. I'm still down a ton of weight and I wanna keep going! Stupid foot and the pothole that caused this! Its cutting into my big plans for world domination!!

I got some great things happening this week. Nothing I want to talk about publicly yet. Just things are rolling in my life. Things are making me happy. I'm enjoying myself. And I'm learning to let go and let the winds take me where it feels right to go. I know what I want and what I don't want. And I'll let what happens happen and embrace what comes. But the changes are good and it makes me smile.

Anyway, thats my thoughts this late at night. I hope you folks continue to have a good week!

Cheers, T

Monday, February 23, 2015

Sharing Music Vol 3

Its time to share some more music favorites of mine! Here's some of my current stuff on my playlist:

Nick Drake - Northern Sky

Tom Waits - Jersey Girl

Type O Negative - Love You To Death

Four on the Floor - Poisoned Well (MARON TV version)

Foo Fighters - Times Like These

U2 - Medley (Stay, Bad and Where the Streets Have No Name)

Share your favorite music everyday!!!

Luvs, T

Sunday, February 22, 2015

Post MSU Comics Forum Thoughts

Hello my friends, welcome back once again.

Things are okay here. I'm nursing a sprained left foot. I stepped in a damn pothole a couple nights ago and its got all swollen and puffy. I put down my swords and hit the doctor this morning. He thinks I MIGHT have gout, but I doubt it. The pain is not that severe. But it got all big, scary and puffy so I decided to head in to make sure. They gave me a cool little boot and crutches. I'm supposed to be off of work and leg elevated for a few days. So that will suck. I hate being couch ridden. But it will give me some time to check phone stuff and do some reading I suppose.

Yesterday was the MSU COMICS FORUM. I was looking forward to it. I haven't been to a show since Cherry Capital Con back in May. And that show wasn't the most memorable because my beloved cat Jake died while I was gone there. And of course, its been a rough year after that. So it was a good feeling to get out and set up shop somewhere again. I saw a lot of my old pals, met a couple new ones. The show itself was slow, but I didn't mind at all. I had a good time sitting and talking with Dean, Jay, Sherief, Daniel, Bruce and a few others. I didn't do any drawing at the show. Just kinda hung back and enjoyed myself. I was nursing a wounded limb anyway, so that was okay. But its always good to go back and fuel yourself with what everyone else is doing and what everyone you haven't met yet is coming out with.

One event that happened was a guy who reads my blog here came up and we had a long discussion about what he's gone through the last few years in his own life journey. He's been through a lot too and he felt inspired to talk to me about his life and how he's reflected what I've been saying the last few months. I can't tell you what those little moments mean to me. I've had quite a few of them over the years. Like when I started PLEASANT LIFE back in college and it was inspired by my mother's death. And I was sitting in a diner and that girl came up and recognized me from the TV spot on CMU TV and told me how my comic made her cry and reminded her of losing her grandpa recently. Every now and then I am gifted with a little moment of "Hey, I've been through that too and you're capturing the feeling of it well. Keep it up!" It feels amazing every time it happens. So thanks sir for coming up and meeting me and telling me your story. And I hope you enjoy the book you got from me. PLEASANT LIFE, my most personal work. Fitting that is the book he picked to buy! I appreciate it.

Overall I had a great time on Saturday at the show and I know I am looking forward to FCBD and the Grand Rapids show. And maybe one more show later in the fall. We'll see what the winds blow my way. But for now, GET SOME GODDAMN WORK DONE! HA!

The cold air in Michigan is quite unbareable. Its often -28 degrees below Zero. Mind numbingly cold. In my apartment it gets cold. But luckily I can snuggle under my blankets and keep warm. I got my warm house robe and slippers. And the warmth of a cup of coffee and Dylan on vinyl to keep me from freezing. I take my space heater to work and keep myself from shaking. This winter has been brutal! Or maybe its because I'm down 60 pounds and I have less fat keeping me warm! Well, a fair trade I suppose! I'm down to 314 and that feels AMAZING!

So things are going well. My foot is trying to get better, I'm in a gloriously happy mood lately. I'm even drawing again. Life is defintely on the mend. Crutches be damned!

Have a good week my friends!


Saturday, February 21, 2015

Late Night Ramblings...

Hey all! Gonna try typing a blog from my phone here so bare with me if I make a ton of spelling errors! Im sitting here in the dead of night, 3am. Im going to be up for the next 30 hours straight. Gas station shift ends at 8am. I have a long day ahead of me. Im excited to see my artist pals at the MSU Comics Forum, which ends at 5. Then im Excited for a little coffee date I have after that. Then back to another late night shift til 8am the next day. My mind is in about a hundred places all at once. Im jamming to the new Marilyn Manson album. A guy comes in obviously distressed. He lost his cell phone in a cab and he wants to use my phone. I let him. He calls his girlfriend and I hear his conversation. Apparently his roommate is drunk and destroying thier place for some reason. This dude is obviously distressed and bummed out. He buys some chips and them goes to his car, only tomfind that he locked his keys inside. He starts crying from the stress of his killer night. So i pull out some tools and play MacGiver and finally get his door unlocked. He shakes my hand repeatedly and is sobbing. He's grateful. And all I did is just help a stranger.

Its like that on the night shift sometimes. All us nighthawks have to band together and keep each other safe. Last night a girl got stranded at a party and she came in to get warm. I let her stand by my space heater. We talked about her classes and she said ahe was going into art. We connected on that level. I gave her advice and warnings. Its up to her to heed them. She told me about a creepy frat guy who was trying really hard to get in her pants. Luckily she fought him off. The asshole. She got safely into a cab and got home happy.

To many, im just a humble cashier on the late shift. But to some, I can be a savior. A person there when they needed someone the most. I love helping strangers. East Lansing is full of them. Young drunk kids who just sometimes need an ear or a coat hanger to pry a door open. I think back to all the strangers who helped me at some point in my life. Wishing I could go back in time again to thank them. But its what we all do for each other. We, the nighthawks. The late night fools. We survive together.